The Importance of Reading

I have always believed that reading to our children is important. When my daughter was young, our bedtimes were a beautiful family time for reading together. Some of the books are very worn out. When I think about reading at bedtime, I am filled with happy memories. Gavin McCormack sent me an email about the Read more about The Importance of Reading[…]

8 Ways to Help Your Child Flourish During COVID-19

Gavin McCormack posted the following suggestions for parents: 1. Allow your child to pack and carry their own bag to school. 2. Make bedtime and wake up time a nice and calm process. 3. Model the behaviour you want from your child. 4. Talk about feelings and what they mean. 5. Always get to school Read more about 8 Ways to Help Your Child Flourish During COVID-19[…]

Support People Who Make Mistakes

Leadership First posted an interesting quote about the importance of empathy and support for anyone who has made a mistake. He quotes Jack Welch, “When people make mistakes, the last thing they need is discipline. It’s time for encouragement and confidence building. The job at this point is to restore self-confidence. I think ‘piling on’ Read more about Support People Who Make Mistakes[…]

How to Prepare Our Students

Gavin McCormack posted answers to the question about how we prepare our students for a world we don’t know. McCormack says, “When we establish a curriculum, a classroom and a home environment around independence in children, we start to see that other essential skills flourish very quickly.” McCormack states that when we establish independence, such Read more about How to Prepare Our Students[…]

All Students do Their Best

I love David Geurin’s post on Twitter about students doing their best with the skills they have learned. Geurin states, “Don’t write off students who struggle and label them as lazy or unmotivated. Instead, be curious about the skills they’re missing that we can teach them to help them succeed. Let’s assume the best about Read more about All Students do Their Best[…]

What Happens When Students Own Their Own Learning?

1. They view mistakes as learning opportunities. 2. They cultivate cool grey matter. 3. They become problem solvers. 4. They develop a growth mindset. 5. They are more creative. 6. They learn to experiment. 7. They learn project management. 8. They develop intrinsic thinking. 9. They become explorers. 10. They learn to think outside the Read more about What Happens When Students Own Their Own Learning?[…]

Love What You Do

I read a post by David Geurin this morning and it inspired me to share his thoughts. He said that he couldn’t prove this true but that he believes that when teachers are excited about what they’re teaching, the students get excited also. Personally, I’ve noticed that as well. Whenever I get excited about my Read more about Love What You Do[…]

17 Things Never to do When Giving Corrective Feedback

1. Never lie. 2. Never compare with others. 3. Never over-commit. 4. Never let someone over-commit. 5. Never attack a person. 6. Never give corrective feedback in public. 7. Never address more than one concern. 8. Never discourage. 9. Never belittle or patronize. 10. Never be vague. 11. Never give feedback without examples. 12. Never Read more about 17 Things Never to do When Giving Corrective Feedback[…]