Are You Trustworthy?

I believe that one of the highest compliments you can receive from a colleague, friend or family member is that you are “Trustworthy.” To me, it means that I can be counted on, I am credible and virtuous. As a mother, grandmother, friend and colleague, I strive to be “Trustworthy” to all whom I encounter. Read more about Are You Trustworthy?[…]

The Key To Being Seen, Heard, And Understood

Donald Miller’s book, Building A Story Brand is fascinating book I’m loving. His first chapter is about clear communication without a lot of noise. He asks, “So what’s your message? Can you say it easily? Is it simple, relevant, and repeatable? Can your entire team repeat your company’s message in such a way that it Read more about The Key To Being Seen, Heard, And Understood[…]

Courage is Contagious

Brene Brown, one of my heroes, writes “To scale daring leadership and build courage in teams and organizations, we have to cultivate a culture in which brave work, tough conversations and whole hearts are the expectation, and armour is not necessary or rewarded.” Brene Brown’s books have indeed brought me to have courage when I Read more about Courage is Contagious[…]

Training Is Necessary for Success

I believe in life long learning. I also believe that for anyone to be successful at anything, they must be willing to receive training for whatever they want to be successful at. I make it my business to learn something daily, be it by reading, watching videos, meeting with others in my field or through Read more about Training Is Necessary for Success[…]

Resilience Can Be Learned

According to the dictionary, “Resilience” is the capacity to recover from difficulties; toughness. Resilience is the ability to spring back into shape, elasticity. Resilience is an important skill because all of us will run into challenges, make mistakes, experience overwhelming difficulties in our lives. Resilience can protect us from developing mental health difficulties when we Read more about Resilience Can Be Learned[…]

Commitment is Necessary

Nothing happens without a sincere commitment. No marriage can survive without complete commitment, developed in personal growth. Without it you’re never going to have success. People who commit themselves to a cause other than themselves are the happiest people in the world. It is therefore extremely important to teach and model commitment to those whom Read more about Commitment is Necessary[…]

We Must Teach Teamwork

According to many sources on LinkedIn, employees, students and leaders about teamwork, they will not only enjoy their work more, but also become more motivated, have more fun at work and be more productive. It has been my experience not only personally as a student, employee and leader that teamwork is much more important than Read more about We Must Teach Teamwork[…]

Is It Okay To Be Sensitive?

The word of the day on A Minute With Maxwell is “Sensitive.” He says that there are two kinds of “Sensitivity.” There is a negative type of “Sensitivity” which is about thinking and worrying about what others think and say about you. However, there’s a positive kind of “Sensitivity” that is about you caring for Read more about Is It Okay To Be Sensitive?[…]

Is Vulnerability Okay?

The dictionary definition of “Vulnerability” is the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. I grew up believing one should avoid vulnerability at all costs for fear of our life. Upon chatting with John Dumholt this morning, he said that we as a human Read more about Is Vulnerability Okay?[…]

It’s Your Choice

Today, the word that seems to pop up everywhere I look, is “Choice.” Over the years, I have enjoyed teaching Choice Theory, created by William Glasser. I have purchased numerous books on Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, as well as many books by Glasser’s network of followers. Glasser writes that we do have choices and Read more about It’s Your Choice[…]