Mindfulness Daily

This morning I had the pleasure of co-presenting Mindfulness to a group of about 24 Counsellor and Student Services educators. The group of women in the session were dynamic, high spirited and brilliant educators and caregivers. What was quickly obvious was that these women needed to connect with each other. The room was abuzz with Read more about Mindfulness Daily[…]

Aim To Be Prosperous

Are you prosperous in your health, ideas, relationships, dreams or thoughts? In order to be able to think creatively, find solutions to problems, or be prosperous each day, we must be intentional. Be grateful each morning for your health, wealth and relationships. Then be mindfully intentional on living a prosperous day in work or pleasure Read more about Aim To Be Prosperous[…]

Non-Appearance Related Compliments

My friend, Judy Whaley posted the following on Facebook this morning about giving compliments that are not about someone’s appearance, but rather about themselves as human beings: – You light up the room. – You have the best laugh! – You inspire me. – You make the world a better place by being in it. Read more about Non-Appearance Related Compliments[…]

17 Signs You Are Stepping Towards Success

I know that we all want to be successful in whatever we endeavour to do. In one of the articles I read on LinkedIn last week, I read the following about the signs of success even when we don’t feel like we are successful. 1. You’re facing your fears and winning. 2. You’ve accepted that Read more about 17 Signs You Are Stepping Towards Success[…]

What is Abundance?

When I think of the word “Abundance,” I think of Wayne Dyer. He has written a lot of books about our mind set. He wrote that if you believe you will have abundance, you will receive abundance. You receive what you believe. Maxwell said the same in “Minute with Maxwell” this morning. He said, “The Read more about What is Abundance?[…]

Dealing With A Difficult Colleague? Use Brain Science

My good friend, Tricia Bailey posted an article on Facebook this morning on the Brain Science of Collaborative Problem Soving. It is an approach that operationalizes key findings from brain science to address some of the most challenging behavior in some of the most challenging settings. The article recommends three steps to take when experiencing Read more about Dealing With A Difficult Colleague? Use Brain Science[…]

Self-Reg Is Based On Five Developmental Domains

In Dr. Stuart Shanker’s book, Self-Reg, he shares his research on the five developmental domains that manifest themselves when someone is not self-regulated. When we see someone appearing in a stressful behavior, we must ask “Why Now?” We must observe their physical, cognitive, social, emotional and pro-social behavior. In a child we often observe these Read more about Self-Reg Is Based On Five Developmental Domains[…]

Do You Have to Like Your Colleagues?

Yes! In Michael Labun’s post on LinkedIn this morning, I read the following two solutions to this issue: 1. Stop telling your employees they don’t have to like each other. Encourage them to focus away from what they dislike about the person, and have them concentrate on the kind of person they want to be Read more about Do You Have to Like Your Colleagues?[…]

Best Class Rules for a Teacher

This morning I came across an article by Gavin McCormack, a principal at Farmhouse Montessori School, Hold Yourself Accountable. He decided to make some class rules, not for the children but for himself. Here’s what he pledged: 1. I will not judge you based on the past. Let’s scrap history. 2. I will never send Read more about Best Class Rules for a Teacher[…]

Helpful Tips For Kids With Anxiety or Restlessness

Last night one of my friends spoke about her granddaughter who struggles with falling asleep because she worries about a lot of things. I think there are a lot of children who struggle with calming, especially when families experience loss and/or illnesses. In my book, Mindful Games by Susan Kaiser Greenland, she writes about different Read more about Helpful Tips For Kids With Anxiety or Restlessness[…]