Things I’m Unlearning

I am inspired by Vijay Shetty’s post on LinkedIn about unlearning my beliefs and habits. I firmly believe that we grow up learning certain behaviour by those who role model for us and by ways to fit in to our community. Shetty states that he’s unlearning the following:

1. Ignoring my own boundaries to please other people.
2. Making myself smaller to fit into social situations.
3. Pretending like I’m fine instead of asking for support.
4. Believing in self-worth depends on my productivity.
5. Social standards of beauty and diet bullshit.
6. Sacrificing my voice benefits to avoid conflict.
7. Not celebrating my accomplishments because others have better ones.
8. Seeking external validation over self-assurance.
9. Distracting from hard feelings instead of processing them.

These are extremely difficult goals! However, I’m reading a lot about how similar we all are! Therefore, all the more reasons for me to begin role modelling the changes for the next generation. I’m finding that daily mindfulness practice is helping me with these goals. I wish you perseverance to try some of the above goals as well!

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