What Gets In The Way?

Brene Brown’s video on YouTube about “Shame & What Gets In The Way” is brilliant. She says we are all hustling for worthiness. People don’t like the word “Shame” because it is uncomfortable, not joyful. Shame is the most primitive human affect. If you don’t feel shame, you have no capacity for human connection or Read more about What Gets In The Way?[…]

Progressive Teaching Methods

Andrew Bradford shared an article on LinkedIn about progressive teaching methods which have fueled a rise in poor discipline for bad behavior in schools. Tom Bennet, who has been appointed to head up a task force to study behavior at schools, said that for several decades the issue has been “swept off the carpet.” Bennet Read more about Progressive Teaching Methods[…]

Partners Accomplish More Than One

Today, on a minute with Maxwell, John spoke about partners. He said that if you partner with someone, you have a better chance to implement a positive outcome. If we partner with someone, we get the influence of each other’s talents, wisdom and knowledge. I agree that working in pairs as partners is a lot Read more about Partners Accomplish More Than One[…]

Millennials Can Be Successful Leaders

According to Simon Sinek, Millennials have 4 traits that any leader would do well to emulate: 1. They are willing to speak out. They are more likely to speak out about what’s bothering them, compared to older generations who tend to fear rocking the boat. If change is to be effected, someone must have the Read more about Millennials Can Be Successful Leaders[…]

7 Universal Competencies for Success In Any Role

The following article was posted in LinkedIn on May 7, 2019: Gallup reviewed 3 decades of research and generated its simplest and most comprehensive list of competencies required to achieve success in any organization. (This post is based on my interview with Jim Harter and chapter 12 of “It’s the Manager,” by Jim Clifton and Read more about 7 Universal Competencies for Success In Any Role[…]

How To Confront Someone At Work

Simon Sinek has an excellent Youtube video about techniques of effective confrontation at work. He says that when you need to confront someone at work you must do three things, not necessarily in any order. You must state: 1. Specifically how you feel. 2. Specifically what they did (action). 3. The potential impact. For example, Read more about How To Confront Someone At Work[…]

Mistakes Are Learning Opportunities

Gifford Thomas wrote the following on LinkedIn: When leaders are honest about their shortfalls and can learn from their mistakes, they earn respect and along the way create an environment of transparency. “As a great leader will tell you, they have made many mistakes. They will admit that it was the collective insight from bad Read more about Mistakes Are Learning Opportunities[…]