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10 Ways to Succeed With Zero Talent

Jon Gordon posted the following about how to succeed with zero talent: 1. Be on Time! 2. Show up and Do the Work. 3. Give Your Best. 4. Be Positively Contagious. 5. Have an Attitude of Gratitude. 6. Seek Solutions. 7. Have Passion. 8. Be Coachable. 9. Do More Than What’s Required. 10. Believe in Read more about 10 Ways to Succeed With Zero Talent[…]

Teacher Self-Assessment

Gavin McCormack posted a great teacher self-assessment tools: 1. Voice – is there noise in your classroom of voices od discussion, cooperation, collaboration, debate and problem solving? 2. Choice – can your students make decisions for themselves? Where to sit, who to work with, what to learn? 3. Reflection- Is there a designated time for Read more about Teacher Self-Assessment[…]

8 Ways to Help Your Child Flourish During COVID-19

Gavin McCormack sent me a fascinating article on how we can help children flourish during COVID-19. The following actions will have profound effects on the way your children navigate their way through the complex Mae w call school, whilst providing them with some essential skills that will allow them to flourish. 1. Allow your child Read more about 8 Ways to Help Your Child Flourish During COVID-19[…]

Educators Make a Difference

I am once again inspired by Gavin McCormack’s post on LinkedIn. He said that he posts so often because he hopes to make a difference as an educator. I agree with him about the difference educators can make for each student. It is our responsibility to help our students feel empowered and to learn that Read more about Educators Make a Difference[…]