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Actions Speak louder Than Words

As a teacher, guidance Counsellor, mom and gramma, I have learned that actions speak louder than words. One of my daughter’s first word was ‘no.’ It shocked me but also taught me to be careful of my words and actions. When I said no, I had a lot of emotions attached to it. This morning, Read more about Actions Speak louder Than Words[…]

The Importance of Reading

I have always believed that reading to our children is important. When my daughter was young, our bedtimes were a beautiful family time for reading together. Some of the books are very worn out. When I think about reading at bedtime, I am filled with happy memories. Gavin McCormack sent me an email about the Read more about The Importance of Reading[…]

Daily Gratitude

This morning I found a meditation called “Calm” which was most grounding. It’s a seven day challenge to be calm and in the moment. Today’s challenge was gratitude. I actually do a gratitude mantra twice daily and this meditation was a lovely reinforcement for what I already practice. I believe that we are in a Read more about Daily Gratitude[…]

How to Remain Positive During Lockdown

I must admit, this lockdown is beginning to get to me, like many others. However, I have found that having a routine is somewhat helpful for me. I have been doing the following to keep positive. 1. Follow social media and learn from others struggling through the pandemic. 2. Write a daily blog. 3. Go Read more about How to Remain Positive During Lockdown[…]

Change is Challenging

During this time of isolation and healing, I am often grateful for my own journey and legacy. It is a time for reflection and growth. Things are not as they used to be. As is normal, we resist change. However, this pandemic means change is compulsory. It literally means reinventing yourself. As I’m certain many Read more about Change is Challenging[…]

8 Ways to Help Your Child Flourish During COVID-19

Gavin McCormack posted the following suggestions for parents: 1. Allow your child to pack and carry their own bag to school. 2. Make bedtime and wake up time a nice and calm process. 3. Model the behaviour you want from your child. 4. Talk about feelings and what they mean. 5. Always get to school Read more about 8 Ways to Help Your Child Flourish During COVID-19[…]