Keys To Successful Leadership

Once more, Simon Sinek posted a great summary of what the keys are to successful leadership on YouTube. He outlines the following 8 keys to success: 1. Courage – All effective leaders must have courage to do the right thing. Courage comes from the support of others. Someone has your back. 2. Goals – Your Read more about Keys To Successful Leadership[…]

13 Inspiring Traits of Exceptional Leaders

Glen Leibovitz shared the following traits which Leadership First posted on LinkedIn: 1. They trust you to do the job you’ve been hired to do. 2. They seek your advice and input. 3. They find opportunities to let you shine. 4. They recognize your contributions. 5. They have your back during tough times. 6. They Read more about 13 Inspiring Traits of Exceptional Leaders[…]

Do Things For Others

Simon Sinek, on Youtube, gave a most valuable lesson on how important it is that we do things for others. Also, on how important leaders are in helping their people learn to be self-confident and team players. The marines force people to work together. Organically people take risks by helping each other. A strong bond Read more about Do Things For Others[…]

Perception & Beliefs

Bruce Lipton has a website on Mindfulness and he wrote about Perception & Beliefs on his blog. He says that Perception is awareness shaped by beliefs. Beliefs “control” perception. Rewrite perception and you rewrite genes and behavior… I am free to change how I respond to the world, so as I change the way I Read more about Perception & Beliefs[…]

The 4 Most Common Qualities of Top CEOs

Leadership First posted an article on the 4 Qualities of top CEO’s around the world. The research had been done by Cheryl Williams. 1. Listening to their people. They make a deep commitment to listening intently to their people for understanding what they’re saying and giving their full attention. 2. Genuinely caring for their people. Read more about The 4 Most Common Qualities of Top CEOs[…]