Be Strong & Powerful

Anne Beaulieu wrote a challenge for all women on LinkedIn about the importance of women to believe in themselves. When women believe in themselves, they show powerful leadership qualities.

Beaulieu states, “You are a powerful woman. The most powerful women never back away from their own power. Take Eleanor Roosevelt for example. She acknowledged all her feelings and emotions and, as a result, had a powerful impact on all of us.”

Acknowledging your feelings and emotions is the fuel to confidently move forward in business and in life. The most powerful women entrepreneurs get it. Real power is leading with vulnerability.

When I looked up the definition of vulnerability, the Miriam dictionary called it weakness. However, Brene Brown writes about vulnerability as a necessity for leadership. When we acknowledge our humanity as women, we help other women realize that emotions are very much a part of all leaders. We must take risks in order to lead with passion. And, without passion we cannot lead.

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