5 Levels of Listening

Level 5 – Resonant Listening – Heartfelt, making a connection, hearing what they say and understanding what they feel. Level 4 – Reflective Listening – Listening to understand, hearing what is being said, and more importantly, what’s not being said. Level 3 – Respectful Listening – Attentive listening, wanting them to know they’ve been heard. Read more about 5 Levels of Listening[…]

Things Outside & Inside My Control

Jon Gordon inspired me with his post on LinkedIn about what we do and do not have within our control. Things Outside My Control: – Other people’s Actions – Other people’s Opinions – Other people’s Feelings – Other people’s Mistakes Things I Can Control: – My Attitude – My Effort – My Behavior – My Read more about Things Outside & Inside My Control[…]

5 Things to Remember With Difficult Behaviors

Robert Hamilton gave the following suggestions for times when we work with challenging behaviors: 1. Don’t take it personally. It’s not about you. 2. The behaviour is challenging. The person is not. 3. De-escalate first. Problem solve later. 4. Sometimes we might not see it but there’s always a reason. 5. Have empathy. Just imagine Read more about 5 Things to Remember With Difficult Behaviors[…]

Every Journey has a Meaning

I am inspired by John Maxwell’s challenge of thinking about our experiences as meaningful life lessons. Maxwell says that “there is meaning in every journey that is unknown to the traveller.” We generally see adversity and difficulty as negative. Most of us fail to see the benefits and blessings when faced with challenges. It is Read more about Every Journey has a Meaning[…]

Dr. Jody Carrington Advice

I am frequently inspired by Dr. Jody Carrington. The following advice rings home to me. 1. Education isn’t about literacy and numeracy. It’s about stories. Most people love a great story about something that they’re trying to learn. We can all remember lessons better when we are inspired by a story that makes it real. Read more about Dr. Jody Carrington Advice[…]

View Mistakes as Opportunities

Today I was reminded of how important mistakes are for all of us! Leadership First posted a quote on LinkedIn about mistakes and I totally agree! Mistakes are not a sign of weakness! Mistakes are opportunities to learn! There should be no shame in making mistakes! The disgrace is in failing to admit, correct and Read more about View Mistakes as Opportunities[…]