Do We Need Rules?

This morning I listened to John Maxwell talk about ‘rules’ and I agree that we need them. He said his favourite business sign reads, “There are no rules here, we’re trying to accomplish something.” Rules are generally given to people who need boundaries. And, we are a very rule oriented universe. However, I think the Read more about Do We Need Rules?[…]

Reading is Healthy

Terry Small posted a diagram of the benefits of reading which is important for us to share with our students. Here’s why: 1. Reading increases our knowledge and vocabulary. 2. Reading lowers stress levels. 3. Reading can lengthen your life by two years. 4. Books can boost your mood and leads to happiness and confidence. Read more about Reading is Healthy[…]

Actions Speak louder Than Words

As a teacher, guidance Counsellor, mom and gramma, I have learned that actions speak louder than words. One of my daughter’s first word was ‘no.’ It shocked me but also taught me to be careful of my words and actions. When I said no, I had a lot of emotions attached to it. This morning, Read more about Actions Speak louder Than Words[…]

The Importance of Reading

I have always believed that reading to our children is important. When my daughter was young, our bedtimes were a beautiful family time for reading together. Some of the books are very worn out. When I think about reading at bedtime, I am filled with happy memories. Gavin McCormack sent me an email about the Read more about The Importance of Reading[…]

Change is Challenging

During this time of isolation and healing, I am often grateful for my own journey and legacy. It is a time for reflection and growth. Things are not as they used to be. As is normal, we resist change. However, this pandemic means change is compulsory. It literally means reinventing yourself. As I’m certain many Read more about Change is Challenging[…]