The Learning Pyramid

I am encouraged and hopeful that educators will learn from the learning curve of evidence that traditional teaching styles don’t work. Note the following styles of successful learning: Lecture – 5% Reading – 10% Audio Visual – 20% Demonstrations – 30% Discussion group – 50% Practice by doing – 75% Teaching others – 90% Tell Read more about The Learning Pyramid[…]

The Best Doctors in the World

According to Charlie Chaplin, the best doctors in the world are: 1. The sun 2. Rest 3. Exercise 4. Diet 5. Self-respect 6. Friends Enjoy these 6 habits and you will have a healthy life. Chaplin Chaplin said,”If you see the moon, you will see the beauty of nature. If you see the sun, you Read more about The Best Doctors in the World[…]

Conditions for No Child Left Behind

I was really inspired by Pirjo Suhanen’s suggestions Saying that if we really want no child left behind we need to: – decrease class sizes – let children play – support teachers – don’t rush the curriculum – delete topics from the curriculum that are not age appropriate – get parents to be 100% involved Read more about Conditions for No Child Left Behind[…]