Conflict Resolution

I’m doing some work with an elementary school staff on “Conflict Resolution “ and in preparation I’ve read up on this topic. There are many videos and sources of opinions on the internet. However, my thoughts and experiences are that when required to assist any person or persons who have a conflict, there are the Read more about Conflict Resolution[…]

The Power of Autonomy in our Schools

Gavin McCormack sent me a post about how extremely important it is to help children feel in charge of their educational destiny. He gives us 5 suggestions for implementing such autonomy in our classroom. 1. Choice – children need a choice of whom they want to work with, where they want to work, and how Read more about The Power of Autonomy in our Schools[…]

How to Stop Taking Things Personally

I used to take everything personally. It was most exhausting and futile. When I learned about Control Theory, I realized that I can really only control myself, not others. I also learned that we all behave to get our 5 basic needs met. We each have different pictures in our quality world about how each Read more about How to Stop Taking Things Personally[…]

What is True Friendship?

Today I had a long conversation with my daughter about true friendship. She had experienced a situation with someone who she thought was a good friend. They had made plans to go to her friend’s cottage. Unfortunately, my daughter had missed a detail about the timing of a meeting that was planned for the day Read more about What is True Friendship?[…]

It’s All About Relationship

Many times in my career I have taught educators to create a relationship with their students. I was impressed with an educator who posted how she went into teaching with some ideas and tools that have been useful. However, she stated how much she has discovered that relationship is most important for herself as an Read more about It’s All About Relationship[…]