Losing a Loved One

Today we are in a town called Leesberg near Orlando. We are saddened by the loss of our dear sister, Jackie. It was an amazing day of reminiscing and loving, hugging and reuniting with friends and family! Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a loss to bring family together! Our sister Jackie was an amazingly loving, humble Read more about Losing a Loved One[…]

Give Your Child Responsibilities

In one of his posts on LinkedIn, Gavin McCormack stated that, “By allowing your child to pack and carry their own bag to school, you are teaching them about responsibility, independence and self-regulation.” Giving our children responsibilities such as packing their bags helps them learn to prioritize what they do or don’t need to bring Read more about Give Your Child Responsibilities[…]

What Do You Do For Fun?

This morning I was asked “What do you do for fun?” Funny question that, and the interesting thing is that I quickly came up with answers. I love gardening, reading, learning, going for long walks, shopping with the right family or friends and educating whoever will be willing to listen to my teachings. Yes, I Read more about What Do You Do For Fun?[…]

Do We Need Rules?

Rules can sometimes get in the way of creativity and relationships. Thomas Edison said, “There are no rules, we’re just trying to accomplish something.” Nordstrom’s motto is, “Do what you think is right and take care of the customer.” Rules are essential, there has to be boundaries. Rules are made for people who can’t take Read more about Do We Need Rules?[…]

You Become What You Think About

I have read and heard about this concept for a long time, that you “become what you think about.” But, we probably all need reminders of this fact. So, this morning, on LinkedIn, I came across a post to remind me once more to be aware of my thoughts! Strati Georgopoulos posted the following article: Read more about You Become What You Think About[…]

Signs Of A Good Classroom

Gavin McCormack posted the following assessment tool to help you decide whether you are a good teacher, indicating “Signs of a Good Classroom” qualities: 1. Voice – there should be noise in the classroom. Voices of discussion, cooperation, collaboration, debate and problem solving. 2. Choice – Can your children make decisions for themselves? Where to Read more about Signs Of A Good Classroom[…]