Confusion is a Teachable Moment

Dan Rockwell posted the following article about “Confusion” and “Knowledge.” Head-knowledge creates the illusion of perceived knowledge. In other words, being told how to do something makes you feel you know how to do it, even if you haven’t done it. KNOWING ABOUT differs radically from KNOWING HOW. Burst the bubble: You can burst the Read more about Confusion is a Teachable Moment[…]

5 Reasons Exercise Is A Must For Our Brains

Terry Small posted the following on the importance of exercise for our brain: 1. Increase functional activity in our temporal lobe which is responsible for storing sensors memories. 2. Encourage the pituitary gland to release endorphins. 3. Improve learning and mental performance. 4.Help prevent and treat dementia, Alzheimer’s and brain aging. 5. Reduce sensitivity to Read more about 5 Reasons Exercise Is A Must For Our Brains[…]

21 Phrases to Use When Dealing With Difficult Behavior

David Geurin posted an excellent article on LinkedIn with 21 phrases that can deal with difficult behavior in students, children, employees, or family for whoever is in a leadership position. They are as follows: Set A Positive Tone 1. “I will never intentionally disrespect you.” 2. “I believe in you.” 3. “I won’t give up Read more about 21 Phrases to Use When Dealing With Difficult Behavior[…]

Replace Detention With Meditation

The following article was posted on LinkedIn today: “Imagine you’re working at a school and one of the kids is starting to act up. What do you do? Traditionally the answer would be to give the unruly kid detention or suspension. But in my memory, detention tended to involve staring at walls, bored out of Read more about Replace Detention With Meditation[…]

A Good Story

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching two theatre events at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-lake with my daughter, Getting Married and Brigadoon. Both shows were excellent and both about marriage. Brene Brown wrote an article about what unites people and she said it’s not Armies, gold or flags but stories that unites people. There’s Read more about A Good Story[…]

Empathy is a Choice

Empathy is a choice – and it’s a vulnerable choice – because in order to connect with you, I have to connect with something in myself that knows that feeling … Rarely, can a response make something better, what makes something better is connection. Brene Brown has a video on YouTube that shows this clearly. Read more about Empathy is a Choice[…]

Goals That Are Cool

Strati Georgopoulos posted the following cool list of goals: 1. Writing thank you notes. 2. Learning and using people’s names. 3. Showing up on time. 4. Learning a new skill. 5. Learning the art of listening. 6. Admitting you were wrong. 7. Random acts of kindness. 8. Being a mentor. 9. Investing in your future. Read more about Goals That Are Cool[…]

What Gets In The Way?

Brene Brown’s video on YouTube about “Shame & What Gets In The Way” is brilliant. She says we are all hustling for worthiness. People don’t like the word “Shame” because it is uncomfortable, not joyful. Shame is the most primitive human affect. If you don’t feel shame, you have no capacity for human connection or Read more about What Gets In The Way?[…]