What Three ThingsMake you a better leader?

Can we disagree and still be kind? And, as leaders wouldn’t it be more effective? Kindness may sound like a weakness in our survival of the fittest world. Many studies have focussed on the relationship between kindness and happiness. 21 studies proved that being kind to others makes us happier and more successful as leaders. Read more about What Three ThingsMake you a better leader?[…]

Parenting With Purpose

John C. Maxwell has a series of 5 teachings on “Parenting With Purpose” on Youtube. They are the following: 1. Attitude – it is the difference maker in life. We must learn to have a positive attitude during negative times. It is especially important to have a positive attitude, a tenacious attitude when life brings Read more about Parenting With Purpose[…]

Love With Gratitude

I am following Oprah and Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation and the theme is Gratitude and Grace. What an amazingly powerful message. Oprah says, “My love transcends fear, rejection…My true essence is divine love. Grace is Divine Love.” You can choose to give a little or a lot of love. It’s your choice. Some people hold Read more about Love With Gratitude[…]

The Value Of Gratitude

For the past week, I have been meditating with Deepak Chopra and Oprah. Their theme is Gratitude & Grace. I have been practicing Gratitude for several years now and love to start and end each day with a ritual of recounting my numerous blessings, what I’m grateful for. I also find relief in negative thoughts Read more about The Value Of Gratitude[…]

The Values Of Mindfulness

Okay, I have a confession to make. I’m an avid walker! The warming Spring weather draws me outdoors, loving the feel of the warm sun on my face, the sounds of Happy birds singing merrily amongst the trees! Squirrels chasing each other playfully, are all music to my ears. Because I was over confident of Read more about The Values Of Mindfulness[…]

How to Motivate Your Children

I believe one of the mistakes parents make with their children is that they expect the same motivation works for each of their children. From the research of William Glasser, he has shared with us that we are all motivated differently depending on our greatest intensity of needs. You see, some of our children have Read more about How to Motivate Your Children[…]

Humility – The Missing Ingredient In Leadership

Leadership is a responsibility to those you lead to be an effective, productive team. Being human and transparent can actually increase the influence and effectiveness with your team rather than detract from it. A humble leader guides, empowers and learns from their employees. It’s been my experience that people tend to cater to leaders, trying Read more about Humility – The Missing Ingredient In Leadership[…]