The Greatest Things You Will Teach

David Geurin posted the following challenge on Twitter which I totally agree with. As a guidance Counsellor, I have witness the amazing results when teachers model the following attributes as examples: 1. Your kindness. 2. Your humility. 3. Your passion. 4. Your curiosity. 5. Your love of learning. The above things teach the lesson and Read more about The Greatest Things You Will Teach[…]

Surround Yourself With Wise, Motivated People

Leadership First posted an article that resonated with me today. The gist of the message is that we must choose to surround ourselves with people who will bring out the best in us. Literally, whom we choose to surround ourselves with will have a significant impact on our potential in life and how successful we Read more about Surround Yourself With Wise, Motivated People[…]

Teach Students Empathy

Gavin McCormack posted a very important message on LinkedIn today about the importance of us teaching empathy, caring, compassion and kindness to our students. If each of us educators taught these skills daily, I believe the world would become a more caring, compassionate world. We all know that these skills are important for each of Read more about Teach Students Empathy[…]

Inspire Critical Thinking

Gavin McCormack posted the following about how to inspire critical thinking in your class. I used to use these questions as a Language Arts teacher as well. 1. WHO – benefits from this? Is it harmful to? Makes decisions about this? Is most directly affected? 2. WHAT – are the good and bad points? Is Read more about Inspire Critical Thinking[…]

The Power of Observation

As an educator, I like to sit in the back of the classroom or wander among the students and just observe the students. Often I learn a lot just by watching the students’ body language, interactions with each other, facial expressions, and how much they may be struggling or excelling in their work. Observation is Read more about The Power of Observation[…]

13 Inspiring Traits of Exceptional Leaders

Glenn Leibovitz posted the following 13 traits of exceptional leadership on LinkedIn and I believe these are also traits of educators and parents: 1. They trust you to do the job you’ve been hired to do. 2. They seek your advice and input. 3. They find opportunities to let you shine. 4. They recognize your Read more about 13 Inspiring Traits of Exceptional Leaders[…]

10 Phrases That Help You Communicate More Mindfully

Whether you’re a manager looking to provide more direct feedback, a leader trying to spark meaningful and productive team conversations, or an employee who wants to contribute more, the words we use are key. Marina Khidekel posted this article on LinkedIn and I love her ideas. Try the following phrases: 1. “Let’s brainstorm.” or “Let’s Read more about 10 Phrases That Help You Communicate More Mindfully[…]

You Are Worthy

I get inspired by so many wonderful reminders on Social Media that help me remember that we are all worthy, no matter how old, what culture and what experiences you’ve had, negative or positive. I was inspired by the following written by S. Stable on LinkedIn: “Let them judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Let Read more about You Are Worthy[…]

Growth Mindset Falters, Then Recovers

On December 12, 2019, Stephen Merrill posted that one of the most popular theories in education was put to the test last year when a large meta-analysis found that growth mindset interventions had ‘weak’ benefits, although at-risk students did see bigger gains. But a new national study, this one encompassing more than 12,000 ninth-grade students, Read more about Growth Mindset Falters, Then Recovers[…]