The Magic of Christmas

I just saw this quote, “The magic of Christmas never ends and it’s greatest gift is family and friends.” I love this quote since that’s what Christmas means to me. It would be very empty without family and friends at Christmas! Actually, life would be very empty all year round without family and friends. Everyone Read more about The Magic of Christmas[…]

The Potential of Every Child

I love Gavin McCormack’s email about children and their passion. McCormack admonishes us to be interested in what our children are passionate about. Listen to learn, not to respond. Parents must model active listening. McCormack states that, “once engaged in a conversation with your child on any given subject, parents must be mindful that they Read more about The Potential of Every Child[…]

Change Your Perspective

Terry Small posted a picture of a prescription for changing our perspective. It’s exactly what we need during this pandemic. Changing our perspective can affect our attitude, thoughts, compassion, gratitude and much more. As I’ve written before, when harsh realities arrive at the doorstep, and they will, look at them as learning opportunities. It’s been Read more about Change Your Perspective[…]

20 Ways Our Children Can Start Saving the Earth Today

I love this list of ways to start saving the earth sent to me by Gavin McCormack. 1. No paper at all is to be thrown away. Every piece must be reused! 2. All lights must be turned off when possible. 3. No plastic wrapped things must be brought to school, no matter what. 4. Read more about 20 Ways Our Children Can Start Saving the Earth Today[…]

The Importance of Modeling Self-care to our Children

Gavin McCormack sent me an email about the importance of modeling self-care to our children. I agree with the following points he makes. Let your children see you rest, read a book, stroke a cat, take an afternoon nap, sip tea, write a journal, listen to music or daydream the afternoon away. I think this Read more about The Importance of Modeling Self-care to our Children[…]

14 Things Children Need More of…

I love this list from Terry Small and have added my own. 1. Unstructured play. 2. Sunlight. 3. Nature. 4. Hugs. 5. Freedom to explore. 6. Play with parents. 7. Laughter. 8. Simplicity. 9. Belief in their goodness. 10. Daily rhythms and rituals. 11. A calm environment. 12. Compassion. 13. A shoulder to cry on. Read more about 14 Things Children Need More of…[…]