How to Stop Taking Things Personally

I used to take everything personally. It was most exhausting and futile. When I learned about Control Theory, I realized that I can really only control myself, not others. I also learned that we all behave to get our 5 basic needs met. We each have different pictures in our quality world about how each of our needs should be met. How others react to us is more about them trying to get their own needs met or matching their pictures rather than about us.

I came across an article about taking things less personally which reminded me of the Control Theory concepts which resonate with me.

1. Realize – other people’s rudeness is more about their issues than about you.
2. Ask Yourself – What might their response mean besides being about you? It could mean they’re shy, troubled or tired.
3. Take Criticism Constructively – is there any truth to their thoughts or what could I learn from them?
4. Take a Different Perspective – ask yourself how an unbiased outsider might see the situation.
5. Realize – you will never please everyone.
6. Mistakes Do Not Define You – everyone makes mistakes! Our mistakes do Not define us!
7. Self-worth – realize that your self-worth depends on you, not what others say about you.

You’re the best version of yourself that you can live to the best of your abilities! Live by your principles and forgive yourself when you make mistakes! (Nobody is perfect!

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