Powerful Coaching Tips

Coaching people can be one of the most rewarding things you do with your life. There’s nothing like helping other people gain clarity, discover hidden talents, and step into their zone of genius. There are many people who say they want to achieve great results. But more often than not, they need someone to help Read more about Powerful Coaching Tips[…]

10 Major Causes of Failure In Leadership

Gifford Thomas posted the following excerpt from his book, The Inspirational Leader: The 10 major causes of failure in leadership are: 1. Inability to organize details 2. Unwillingness to render humble serve 3. Expectation of pay for what they know instead of what they do with what that which they know. 4. Fear of competition Read more about 10 Major Causes of Failure In Leadership[…]

Coaching Core Competencies

Coaching is one of the most effective methods of enhancing performance. It involves deliberate and specific activities that are designed to help people develop their skills by learning on the job. A good coach leads highly productive teams who are keen to learn new skills and as a result significantly increase the cost effectiveness and Read more about Coaching Core Competencies[…]

Collaborative Leadership and Love

Catherine Gillespie in her article “Conflict Resolution Harmony Expert” states that ‘Principled Leadership’ required a leader to to clear with their values. The values that were crucial were: -Collaboration -Group Wisdom -Honest -Service -Equality -Transparency -Love Gillespie wrote, ‘We need to manage with courage, consistency, persistence and love’. The word ‘love’ is often an uncomfortable Read more about Collaborative Leadership and Love[…]

6 Signs To Identify Someone With True Leadership Skills

Marcel Schwartz’s, Founder and Chief Human Officer states the following defining attributes of great leaders. 1. They challenge their own assumptions. They surround themselves with diverse perspectives to help them answer questions like, “How do I know my decision is the right one?” Or “Is there a better course of action here?” 2. They are Read more about 6 Signs To Identify Someone With True Leadership Skills[…]