Four Things Never Come Back

Sulbha Shail posted the following four things that never come back: 1. The spoken word. 2. The wasted time. 3. The neglected opportunity. 4. The past life. Shail found this inspiring list from I love to be reminded of these simple things that I can forget during a busy life. Let’s all remember that Read more about Four Things Never Come Back[…]

Honour People Who are Sensitive

We all know sensitive people. As a guidance Counsellor, I have met numerous students who are sensitive. They have highly active sensitive awareness antennas. This is both beautiful and yet challenging for them and their friends and family, not to mention themselves. One of my grandsons is one of those sensitive people. However, this has Read more about Honour People Who are Sensitive[…]

Change and the Pandemic

This morning I was impressed by an article in the Free Press about what school is like during this pandemic. The journalist wrote a thorough description of what a classroom looks and feels like with masks and glass dividers in the classroom. The teacher asked the grade 3/4 class to write about milestones in their Read more about Change and the Pandemic[…]

The Best Advice for a Leader Who’s a Fixer

Lolly Daskal posted a great article on LinkedIn about what leaders who are fixers should do when they want to step in and fix things. As a coach and guidance Counsellor, I truly appreciate Daskal’s advice. 1. When you want to jump in and correct someone, pause. Take a moment and give yourself a chance Read more about The Best Advice for a Leader Who’s a Fixer[…]

Support People Who Make Mistakes

Leadership First posted an interesting quote about the importance of empathy and support for anyone who has made a mistake. He quotes Jack Welch, “When people make mistakes, the last thing they need is discipline. It’s time for encouragement and confidence building. The job at this point is to restore self-confidence. I think ‘piling on’ Read more about Support People Who Make Mistakes[…]

Remembrance Day Thoughts

This morning I watched another Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa. What struck me as beautiful were the many amazing speeches by Canadian dignitaries. One theme was common with all of them which was the pandemic that is affecting people around the world. I think this pandemic is uniting human beings around the world and so Read more about Remembrance Day Thoughts[…]