The Huddle

Simon Sinek has a video on Youtube about “The Huddle,” which is a weekly exercise to build relationships with each other as a team. These huddles are check-ins about what’s happening and challenges around work. Each huddle begins with, “What’s on your heart and what’s on your mind?” These weekly exercises brings weekly empathy and Read more about The Huddle[…]

Humility – The Missing Ingredient In Leadership

Leadership is a responsibility to those you lead to be an effective, productive team. Being human and transparent can actually increase the influence and effectiveness with your team rather than detract from it. A humble leader guides, empowers and learns from their employees. It’s been my experience that people tend to cater to leaders, trying Read more about Humility – The Missing Ingredient In Leadership[…]

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

This morning I listened to Louise Hay talking about the simple fact that you have a choice as to how you think about something. If you’re positive, you’ll attract positive. If you’re negative, you’ll attract negative. Whatever you are, that’s what you draw to you. If you see it in your mind, you can hold Read more about Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life[…]

Visioning the Possibilities

Dr. Michael B. Beckwith, in an interview with Oprah, shared the art of possibilities. He said, “Pain pushes you until vision pulls you.” This week I had some physical pain which caused insomnia. While sitting up one night, I felt my confidence waver and I did some meditation and gradually realized it was the pain Read more about Visioning the Possibilities[…]

Live Your Life On Purpose

I love listening to Oprah’s inspiring videos on YouTube. Today I was listening to her video on “Live Your Life On Purpose.” If you don’t know your Purpose, find out! She shares the following message. The universe speaks to us first in a whisper, with subtle signs and reminders. If you don’t listen, you will Read more about Live Your Life On Purpose[…]

Perfectionism & Living Wholeheartedly

In order to move from Perfectionism into living wholeheartedly, we must let go of what people think. Brene Brown says that Perfectionism is not about striving for excellence. Many people think, “If I look perfect, do it perfect, work perfect and live perfect, I can avoid and minimize shame, blame and judgement. Brown says that Read more about Perfectionism & Living Wholeheartedly[…]