Happy New Year to you and yours!

I am grateful for the wonderful memories of 2020 and look forward to many new healing memories for 2021. Through adversity comes healing and growth if we look for it. Although 2020 has been challenging, we have learned to be with ourselves and our loved ones. My goal for 2021 is to continue to be Read more about Happy New Year to you and yours![…]

10 Ways to Make Each Day Great

Jon Gordon posted the following suggestions for making each day great: 1. See each day as a gift. 2. Stay positive. 3. Be thankful. 4. Learn, improve, grow. 5. Be a blessing to others. 6. Replace ‘Have To’ with ‘Get To.’ 7. Focus on solutions. 8. Control the controllable. 9. Let go of things you Read more about 10 Ways to Make Each Day Great[…]

Tips For a Positive New Year

Jon Gordon posted the following tips for a positive new year: 1. Stay positive. 2. Take a daily ‘thank you’ walk. 3. Eat healthier foods. 4. Talk to yourself. 5. No energy vampires allowed. 6. Be a positive team member. 7. Don’t chase success. 8. Get more sleep. 9. Don’t waste your energy. 10. Love, Read more about Tips For a Positive New Year[…]

8 Habits to Lead a More Positive Life

The Dalai Lama posted a thought about the importance of seeing every person, plant and animal as if they are special. The following response warmed my heart. It is from Motivation@ItMotivatesUs. 8 habits to lead a more positive life: 1. Stop yourself from being judgmental. 2. Say ‘thank you’ early and often. 3. Smile more, Read more about 8 Habits to Lead a More Positive Life[…]

What are the Teachings?

As I checked out social media today, there was a common theme. Everyone is quoting thoughts like living forward, learning from challenges, and being in the present. What the pandemic is teaching us is to respect our environment, live in gratitude, honour our families and our children and leave a legacy of gratitude and kindness Read more about What are the Teachings?[…]

5 Lessons From COVID

We all need to learn from this pandemic. We are meant to learn the following lessons and probably more. 1. Life is short. 2. Jobs are temporary. 3. Your savings can save you. 4. Nature deserves our respect. 5. Your greatest wealth is your health. Truly, if we don’t learn from this pandemic, we will Read more about 5 Lessons From COVID[…]

The Magic of Christmas

I just saw this quote, “The magic of Christmas never ends and it’s greatest gift is family and friends.” I love this quote since that’s what Christmas means to me. It would be very empty without family and friends at Christmas! Actually, life would be very empty all year round without family and friends. Everyone Read more about The Magic of Christmas[…]

The Potential of Every Child

I love Gavin McCormack’s email about children and their passion. McCormack admonishes us to be interested in what our children are passionate about. Listen to learn, not to respond. Parents must model active listening. McCormack states that, “once engaged in a conversation with your child on any given subject, parents must be mindful that they Read more about The Potential of Every Child[…]