Small Acts of Kindness

I am a true believer in small acts of kindness daily. Many of us have been working alone during this pandemic and crave to connect with others. As we move into a time of returning to our people, let’s remember to treat others with kindness.
We never know someone else’s journey or how their day is going. A small gesture of kindness goes a long way to help others feel hope and a feeling of being part of mankind.
Wayne Dyer wrote about paying it forward. He told a story of his daughter paying a parking fee for the person in front of her. That’s just one example of a small act of kindness.
Think of ways that you might help someone today. Although we all ask others, “How are you?” But this time you can ask how their day is going and it may surprise you to hear the answer. Then really listen and try to understand. Being heard by someone is in itself a wonderful experience. Or open a door for someone, pay for their coffee, or pick something up that was dropped.
Wayne Dyer says that observing, receiving, and doing a small act of kindness actually increases our Seratonin and makes everyone happy.

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