Is It Okay To Be Sensitive?

The word of the day on A Minute With Maxwell is “Sensitive.” He says that there are two kinds of “Sensitivity.” There is a negative type of “Sensitivity” which is about thinking and worrying about what others think and say about you. However, there’s a positive kind of “Sensitivity” that is about you caring for Read more about Is It Okay To Be Sensitive?[…]

Is Vulnerability Okay?

The dictionary definition of “Vulnerability” is the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. I grew up believing one should avoid vulnerability at all costs for fear of our life. Upon chatting with John Dumholt this morning, he said that we as a human Read more about Is Vulnerability Okay?[…]

It’s Your Choice

Today, the word that seems to pop up everywhere I look, is “Choice.” Over the years, I have enjoyed teaching Choice Theory, created by William Glasser. I have purchased numerous books on Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, as well as many books by Glasser’s network of followers. Glasser writes that we do have choices and Read more about It’s Your Choice[…]

Check Your Beliefs And Habits

John Asaraf says, “Whatever you believe is truth for us but it is not THE TRUTH.” You learn what to believe from others in your life. If a belief is a neuropattern right in the brain, it will be positive. We may have powerful beliefs that help us, but others that may not empower us. Read more about Check Your Beliefs And Habits[…]

Know Your WHY

Simon Sinek is an amazing inspirational leader on LinkedIn. In an article he wrote on knowing our WHY, he stated the following: “Most of us live our lives by accident. Fulfillment comes when we live our lives on purpose; know your WHY provides a filter through which you can make decisions every day, to act Read more about Know Your WHY[…]

Be Unlimited

I believe our lives must be “Unlimited” in our passion for making the world a little better each day. We must be “Off the charts” in our attempt to bring peace to those who struggle. Be that beacon of hope for whomever you meet today. Live a life of abundance. When others see your hope, Read more about Be Unlimited[…]

Be Creative Daily

I love creative thinking. Sir Ken Robinson said, “We are all born creative. The trick is to remain that way.” Creativity is a necessary quality in each of us if we are to remain active, successful and have emotional intelligence. Human beings are imperfect. And, whenever we make mistakes it is important to figure out Read more about Be Creative Daily[…]

We All Want To Be Attractive

What is “Attraction?” According to the dictionary, the definition of “attraction” is a person or thing that attracts by arousing interest, or in physics, the force by which bodies attract or approach each other. We all want to be attractive. We put way too little stress on having a positive attitude versus being physically attractive. Read more about We All Want To Be Attractive[…]

Is Average Good Enough?

What does “Average” mean? The Oxford dictionary says “Average” is usual, typical, mediocre, undistinguished. I never want to be just “Average” in my daily life. I aim to be exceptional! It doesn’t take a lot to be above average! We just need to be a little more passionate, put in that extra bit of effort Read more about Is Average Good Enough?[…]

Meditate Daily

Meditation can improve your ability to focus. Stress comes from our mind being scattered in many different places. Meditation trains our mind to focus on our task so that even our communication becomes clear and our words become more effective. Having the abilityy to focus makes us work more efficiently because we are able to Read more about Meditate Daily[…]