Worthy Employees Need

We know how important it is to find the strengths of your employees. As I wrote yesterday, be a good finder rather than weaknesses finder. I personally have always worked harder and more passionately when my employer highlighted my strengths. In an article on LinkedIn, the post by Teacher Goals mentioned the following needs that Read more about Worthy Employees Need[…]

How to Prepare Our Students

Gavin McCormack posted answers to the question about how we prepare our students for a world we don’t know. McCormack says, “When we establish a curriculum, a classroom and a home environment around independence in children, we start to see that other essential skills flourish very quickly.” McCormack states that when we establish independence, such Read more about How to Prepare Our Students[…]

Love What You Do

I read a post by David Geurin this morning and it inspired me to share his thoughts. He said that he couldn’t prove this true but that he believes that when teachers are excited about what they’re teaching, the students get excited also. Personally, I’ve noticed that as well. Whenever I get excited about my Read more about Love What You Do[…]

17 Things Never to do When Giving Corrective Feedback

1. Never lie. 2. Never compare with others. 3. Never over-commit. 4. Never let someone over-commit. 5. Never attack a person. 6. Never give corrective feedback in public. 7. Never address more than one concern. 8. Never discourage. 9. Never belittle or patronize. 10. Never be vague. 11. Never give feedback without examples. 12. Never Read more about 17 Things Never to do When Giving Corrective Feedback[…]

Be a Thinker

I loved David Geurin’s post on Twitter about what education truly is. He states that “Education is about developing an identity as a learner. The goal isn’t to complete an assignment. It’s to be a questioner. The goal isn’t to read a book. It’s to be a reader.” It’s so true! We must teach our Read more about Be a Thinker[…]

The Power of Empathy

Terry Small posted an inspiring article on the importance of empathy. He stated that an empathetic act of kindness helps not only the person receiving the empathy but also helps the empathetic people. He said that studies have found that the person who shows empathy will heal any disease physically. I have found this to Read more about The Power of Empathy[…]

Educators Make a Difference

I am once again inspired by Gavin McCormack’s post on LinkedIn. He said that he posts so often because he hopes to make a difference as an educator. I agree with him about the difference educators can make for each student. It is our responsibility to help our students feel empowered and to learn that Read more about Educators Make a Difference[…]

Failure Helps us Learn

Another email I received from Gavin McCormack was about how important failure is to kids learning. Ha states that if we design curriculums that avoid failure, students miss out on what it feels like to react instinctively and subsequently miss out on learning from their mistakes. “Our job as teachers is not to help students Read more about Failure Helps us Learn[…]

Our Perception of Failure

Gavin McCormack sent me an interesting article about our perception of failure. We as educators must encourage our students to accept failure as an important part of learning. If we model failure as part of learning, our students will attempt the most difficult challenges. McCormack states that “The only thing that changes steppingstones into stumbling Read more about Our Perception of Failure[…]