Can You Teach Instincts?

Two very difficult lessons to teach others are the Law Of Intuition and the Law of Timing. Instincts get you started first in life’s situations. It’s the advantage that helps you win. A successful leader must be gifted in these two skills. You learn them best through good experiences. If you can follow your gut, Read more about Can You Teach Instincts?[…]

Are You Making A Difference?

What’s fascinating to me lately is that everything I’m reading and listening to is about making a difference each day you have that opportunity. This message is in books like Ensouling Our Schools, The Gifts of Imperfection, The Wisdom of Sundays, LinkedIn, and this morning’s minute with Maxwell. Maxwell says, “Do you want to go Read more about Are You Making A Difference?[…]

Tough Conversations

J.C.Maxwell’s fifth “Upfront Expectation” is that “There will be tough conversations.” We all have had tough situations between ourselves and any relationship. Some we choose not to address but in the strong, quality relationships we talk about with each other. It definitely helps to have these tough conversations if we have been upfront about how Read more about Tough Conversations[…]

Be Responsible

Today’s minute with John C. Maxwell is about “Being Responsible for our Empowerment.” We must take ownership for what we are empowered to do. It is our project. We get the credit for the success but we also must take responsibility for anything about that empowerment that we mess up. We must FIX what we Read more about Be Responsible[…]

Growth is Expected!

Today John C. Maxwell’s minute was about “Growth” and that it is a must in any business. “Why? Because I’m growing. We’re growing. The company is growing. Today it’s not an option. When they stop growing, they stop going.” He says that we have a choice to grow or not to grow. And, that if Read more about Growth is Expected![…]

Be a Person of Integrity

The Oxford dictionary defines “Integrity” as uprightness; honesty; wholeness; soundness. In Chuck Swindoll’s quote about what integrity is, he says it is being authentic. I believe we, as educators, parents, leaders and/or employers must be clear about what our expectations are of each person whom we teach, guide or parent. As a mentor, I try Read more about Be a Person of Integrity[…]

Are You Listening?

Part 3 of Maxwell’s Growth Practices is about listening. He admonishes us to listen daily to broaden our perspectives. He says he began to ask his employees, “What’s it like to be on the other side of me?” Asking good questions to see others as they are is not only enlightening but also most effective Read more about Are You Listening?[…]

I Don’t Know

Why is it so very difficult for human beings to say, “I don’t know” whenever they don’t know? We all know that nobody is perfect. Educators know that we learn by making mistakes. Scientists make thousands of mistakes daily as they experiment to discover solutions to problems. We must teach our students and children to Read more about I Don’t Know[…]

The Neuroscience of Learning

I read a fascinating article posted on LinkedIn yesterday by Simon Sinek on the neuroscience of learning. The article susinctly clarified the following definitions related to learning: 1. Potential is the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. It is the unrealized ability of a learner. 2. Mindset definition based on Carol Read more about The Neuroscience of Learning[…]

Mindfulness and Restitution

Many educators, who have taken Restitution training ask me how Mindful Leadership relates to Restitution. I am very quick to first of all, find out why they are curious about this. Then I discover that they truly love the tools of Restitution and they also are very aware how important it is to teach our Read more about Mindfulness and Restitution[…]