Competition With Others or With Self?

In my mentorship work in schools, I do a lot of role playing with students. The common conflicts students engage in are competition in sports, friendships and grades. I’m frequently struggling with how we can help students see the fun of merely playing a sport for the sake of exercise, fun and becoming more skilled Read more about Competition With Others or With Self?[…]

See the Big Picture

Today, on Minute with Maxwell, John spoke about seeing the big picture when you dream. Dream Big! All leaders have one thing in common – they see the best, the biggest possible dream they can imagine! Love what you are, your gift that you were given! But, anything worthwhile means looking hard and wide for Read more about See the Big Picture[…]

Habits for Daily Success

I follow several amazing leaders on LinkedIn. Yesterday I listened to Jim Kwik who had the following advice on 10 Habits of Daily Success: 1. When you wake up each morning, remember your dreams. They are generally profound ideas for a successful day. 2. Make your bed – being tidy physically and in your home Read more about Habits for Daily Success[…]

Leadership is Influence

John Wooden said, “Make today count. Make each day your masterpiece!” Live in the now – Today! People miss the moment! Today matters! When I’m with you, I will be all in. If we together focus on the moment, we will succeed together. Remember, yesterday is the past; the future is uncertain. Let’s influence those Read more about Leadership is Influence[…]

Practice Gratitude

Today I am challenging you to honor what’s ordinary in your life. Who are the people you are grateful for? Who in your family, friends, community, or network gives you that feeling of gratitude, that warm fuzzy joy of having had a tremendous influence in your life? I personally am extremely grateful to my mother. Read more about Practice Gratitude[…]

Your ‘WHY’ Statement

What is your ‘WHY’ statement? Why do you get up each morning? Why do you go to work? Why are you being a leader? Your ‘WHY’ statement is not easy! It’s not a marketing pitch. What is your truth, your purpose, your reason for waking up every morning? Your ‘WHY’ statement is not a one-liner. Read more about Your ‘WHY’ Statement[…]

Getting Results

I love making ‘To Do’ lists. Mainly because I love ticking them off when the job/goal has been completed but also because of the feeling of the results after each completion. Some of my lists are for daily goals and some for weekly or monthly and some for yearly. I find that lists are my Read more about Getting Results[…]

Solution Focused Thinking

When you experience difficulties, or problems, are you using solution-focused thinking? My strategy for finding solutions are fairly straight forward. I ask myself lots of questions, but most of the time the questions are based on William Glasser’s four Reality Therapy questions – Want? Doing? Working? Plan? What do you WANT (need)that you’re not getting? Read more about Solution Focused Thinking[…]