13 Inspiring Traits of Exceptional Leaders

Leadership First posted the following inspiring traits of exceptional leaders from Glen Leibovitz: 1. They trust you to do the job you’re been hired to do. 2. They seek your advice and input. 3. They find opportunities to let you shine. 4. They recognize your contributions. 5. They have your back during tough times. 6. Read more about 13 Inspiring Traits of Exceptional Leaders[…]

Lifelong Learning is Important

I’ve always desired to be a lifelong learner. And, believe me, I’m doing that daily through books, social media, friends, colleagues, you name it! I long for learning. John C. Maxwell posted a Minute With Maxwell where he stressed the importance of developing ourselves. He said getting better must be intentional. You intentionally want to Read more about Lifelong Learning is Important[…]

9 Things That Never Fail You

Strati Georgopoulos posted the following advice on LinkedIn: 9 things that will never fail you are: 1. Honesty 2. Integrity 3. Hard Work 4. Being Nice 5. Being Excellent at What You Do 6. Exceeding Expectations 7. Spending Less Than You Earn 8. Being Charitable With Your Time, Talents, and Money 9. Your Sense of Read more about 9 Things That Never Fail You[…]

Surround Yourself With Wise, Motivated People

Leadership First posted an article that resonated with me today. The gist of the message is that we must choose to surround ourselves with people who will bring out the best in us. Literally, whom we choose to surround ourselves with will have a significant impact on our potential in life and how successful we Read more about Surround Yourself With Wise, Motivated People[…]

10 Phrases That Help You Communicate More Mindfully

Whether you’re a manager looking to provide more direct feedback, a leader trying to spark meaningful and productive team conversations, or an employee who wants to contribute more, the words we use are key. Marina Khidekel posted this article on LinkedIn and I love her ideas. Try the following phrases: 1. “Let’s brainstorm.” or “Let’s Read more about 10 Phrases That Help You Communicate More Mindfully[…]

The Most Important Question In Any Classroom

Gavin McCormack posted the following article on LinkedIn about how to inspire students. McCormack states that if you want your children to be engaged in every lesson you teach, there’s one question you need to add into every lesson plan you’ll ever write. So you’re teaching your class about volcanoes. “Don’t tell them everything” is Read more about The Most Important Question In Any Classroom[…]

Why Concrete Materials for Learners

Gavin McCormack recently posted an article on why we need to provide concrete materials for children when teaching them. I have always believed in hands on learning practices for students and I totally agree with McCormack’s views on the importance of concrete learning materials. Children learn best when there are tactile and movable materials, which Read more about Why Concrete Materials for Learners[…]

Empower Your Students In A Connected World

Ian Jukes shared Saga Briggs’ article on LinkedIn about 50 ways how to empower students in a connected world. The following list are about 50 best practices for empowering our students: 1. Practice positive reinforcement. 2. Allow for creative expression. 3. Give students more discussion time to explore and develop their ideas. 4. Offer more Read more about Empower Your Students In A Connected World[…]

Teamwork Leads To Success

Mike Keading, on LinkedIn wrote the following about teamwork: Wouldn’t it be nice to work in an environment where employees: – collaborated – divided up tasks – gave constructive feedback – brainstormed new ideas – contributed to conversations – exchanged disagreements- shared the same values, goals and visions – trusted, respected, supported, and cooperated with Read more about Teamwork Leads To Success[…]

The Value Of Gratitude

For the past week, I have been meditating with Deepak Chopra and Oprah. Their theme is Gratitude & Grace. I have been practicing Gratitude for several years now and love to start and end each day with a ritual of recounting my numerous blessings, what I’m grateful for. I also find relief in negative thoughts Read more about The Value Of Gratitude[…]