What Three ThingsMake you a better leader?

Can we disagree and still be kind? And, as leaders wouldn’t it be more effective? Kindness may sound like a weakness in our survival of the fittest world. Many studies have focussed on the relationship between kindness and happiness. 21 studies proved that being kind to others makes us happier and more successful as leaders. Read more about What Three ThingsMake you a better leader?[…]

Are You A Ladder Builder or A Ladder Climber?

Many educators and manag are Ladder Climbers! A few years ago, I chose to be a ladder builder. It is very lonely at the top if you’re a Ladder climber! Success creates a gap between yourself and others. My family and friends know me well. I am not a self made person. I will add Read more about Are You A Ladder Builder or A Ladder Climber?[…]

Make Today a Day of Discovery

What is “Discovery?” According to J.C. Maxwell, it is learning, finding out what you don’t know. I try to learn something new every day! Today, in my meditation with Deepak and Oprah, the challenge was to be aware of the Ah-hah moments each day. Oprah shared about her wonder at the ascent of an airplane, Read more about Make Today a Day of Discovery[…]

Love With Gratitude

I am following Oprah and Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation and the theme is Gratitude and Grace. What an amazingly powerful message. Oprah says, “My love transcends fear, rejection…My true essence is divine love. Grace is Divine Love.” You can choose to give a little or a lot of love. It’s your choice. Some people hold Read more about Love With Gratitude[…]