Top 10 Signs You’re a Great Teammate

Terry Small posted the following on Twitter: 10. You’re willing to play any role that helps the team. 9. You would rather score less and win then score a lot and lose. 8. When your team scores, the first people you congratulate are your teammates. 7. You love practice as much as you love games. Read more about Top 10 Signs You’re a Great Teammate[…]

Today I’ll Press Pause

ChetnaMindfulness posted the following about the importance of pressing pause each day: “Today I’ll press pause … Today I’ll eat breakfast outside … I’ll pick up the book I keep meaning to read … Today I’ll set down my worries for a while … I’ll double the amount of eye contact I share with family Read more about Today I’ll Press Pause[…]

Laughter Heals Us

Years ago, I gave my Father a small placard that read “Laughter is cheap medicine.” During mu Dad’s early onset with Alzheimer’s, he laughed at almost anything. And, his laughter was contagious. Today Terry Small posted a lovely quote about how laughter literally heals our brains. I have always believed that to be true. When Read more about Laughter Heals Us[…]

Say “No” With Compassion and Respect

ChetnaMindfulness posted an article about the importance of saying No! NO compromising your own needs to meet the needs of others. NO not standing up for what you believe in. NO silencing your own values to keep the peace in a relationship. NO not changing your dreams and goals. NO giving up your own self-care Read more about Say “No” With Compassion and Respect[…]