Yesterday Ended Last Night

As everyone knows, I believe in Mindfulness. Be mindful of today, this moment. So many of us dwell on the yesterdays of our lives. I am especially aware of this today because my sister-in-law passed away yesterday. She was truly a Mother Theresa. And, I loved her so very much! However, I realize that each Read more about Yesterday Ended Last Night[…]

Give Your Child Responsibilities

In one of his posts on LinkedIn, Gavin McCormack stated that, “By allowing your child to pack and carry their own bag to school, you are teaching them about responsibility, independence and self-regulation.” Giving our children responsibilities such as packing their bags helps them learn to prioritize what they do or don’t need to bring Read more about Give Your Child Responsibilities[…]

You Become What You Think About

I have read and heard about this concept for a long time, that you “become what you think about.” But, we probably all need reminders of this fact. So, this morning, on LinkedIn, I came across a post to remind me once more to be aware of my thoughts! Strati Georgopoulos posted the following article: Read more about You Become What You Think About[…]

Why Is Empathy Important?

Avery Konda, Program Assistant, Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation posted an article on Empathy and Why It Is Important on July 8, 2019. He asked a group of 60 students from the Simcoe County District School Board the question: Why do you think empathy is so important and what is empathy? After a few Read more about Why Is Empathy Important?[…]

How to be a Better Listener

According to Aytekin Tank, founder at, in a post on LinkedIn, only 10% of us listen effectively. Brenda Ueland states, “We should all know this: that listening, not talking, is the gifted and great role, and the imaginative role. And the true listener is much more believed, magnetic than the talker, and he is Read more about How to be a Better Listener[…]

Spend 10 Minutes a Day Being Mindful

Rasmus Hougaard & Jacqueline Carter of Potential Project posted the following article on “Being Mindful 10 minutes a day. The article states that “Research has found that mindfulness training alters our brains and how we engage with ourselves, others, and our work….Through repeated mindfulness practice, brain activity is redirected from ancient, reactionary parts of the Read more about Spend 10 Minutes a Day Being Mindful[…]

9 Things To Say To Your Anxious Child

Dr. Travis Bradberry posted the following tips for helping an anxious child: 1. I’m here with you. You’re safe. 2. Do you want to do some dancing or running to get rid of the worried energy? 3. Tell me about it. 4. What would you like to say to your worry? What might your worry Read more about 9 Things To Say To Your Anxious Child[…]