Can You Teach Instincts?

Two very difficult lessons to teach others are the Law Of Intuition and the Law of Timing. Instincts get you started first in life’s situations. It’s the advantage that helps you win. A successful leader must be gifted in these two skills. You learn them best through good experiences. If you can follow your gut, Read more about Can You Teach Instincts?[…]

Growth is Expected!

Today John C. Maxwell’s minute was about “Growth” and that it is a must in any business. “Why? Because I’m growing. We’re growing. The company is growing. Today it’s not an option. When they stop growing, they stop going.” He says that we have a choice to grow or not to grow. And, that if Read more about Growth is Expected![…]

Are You Listening?

Part 3 of Maxwell’s Growth Practices is about listening. He admonishes us to listen daily to broaden our perspectives. He says he began to ask his employees, “What’s it like to be on the other side of me?” Asking good questions to see others as they are is not only enlightening but also most effective Read more about Are You Listening?[…]

From Negative Thinking to Positive Thinking

I just finished listening to world renowned leader and author of four best-selling books. He runs an extremely successful company, NeuroGym. Today he spoke about how our brain cautions us whenever you have a new idea, new goal or wish. He told us that when you have a goal, the best way to achieve it Read more about From Negative Thinking to Positive Thinking[…]

Mindfulness and Restitution

Many educators, who have taken Restitution training ask me how Mindful Leadership relates to Restitution. I am very quick to first of all, find out why they are curious about this. Then I discover that they truly love the tools of Restitution and they also are very aware how important it is to teach our Read more about Mindfulness and Restitution[…]

Mindfulness is a Powerful Tool

I keep reading the same research over and over again about the benefits of mindfulness for any age. In her book, Mindfulness for Children, Camelia Gherib writes, “Mindfulness is a powerful tool. …to have greate self-awareness, feelings, and needs, and mindfulness improves concentration. … It helps (children) speak their mind, better communicate their needs, and Read more about Mindfulness is a Powerful Tool[…]

What Do I Do – Trauma-Informed Support for Children

I just uploaded the following from LinkedIn posted by Michael McKnight which is amazing advice for anyone who works with children who have experienced trauma or toxic relationships. 1. Create Safety – If the child is overwhelmed, perhaps guide them to a quiet corner or allow them to decompress by visiting the restroom. If you Read more about What Do I Do – Trauma-Informed Support for Children[…]

Great Children’s Book on Mindfulness

One of the best ways to teach a lesson is through story telling. When I looked for Mindfulness children’s books, I found Bryan Smith’s book “What Were You Thinking?” It’s a lovely book about third grader Braden who thinks he’s the funniest kid in school. However, his humor negatively affects the teacher, his classmates and Read more about Great Children’s Book on Mindfulness[…]