Hospitality is Key

Today I’m sensing a theme of treating others as you want to be treated wherever you go and whomever you meet. Maxwell says hospitality means the golden rule as well as servitude, helping those you meet feel at home, loved, wanted. It is a process of helping people feel loved, exceeding their expectations. We must Read more about Hospitality is Key[…]

An Engaging Leader

What do engaging leaders do? Engaging leaders must engage in the lives of other people. They must listen, truly hear what others have to say. They look at the people and as Covey says, “Seek first to understand, then be understood.” When leaders truly connect, communicate and care about others, they walk slowly through the Read more about An Engaging Leader[…]

Competition With Others or With Self?

In my mentorship work in schools, I do a lot of role playing with students. The common conflicts students engage in are competition in sports, friendships and grades. I’m frequently struggling with how we can help students see the fun of merely playing a sport for the sake of exercise, fun and becoming more skilled Read more about Competition With Others or With Self?[…]

Tips for Effective Feedback

Many leaders, educators and parents need to give feedback to employees, students and children. Michael Labuan, a professor at the University of Winnipeg, gives the following tips on giving effective feedback: 1. Get into an assertive mindset. Assertiveness is important because the receiver needs to observe the confidence of the person giving the feedback. 2. Read more about Tips for Effective Feedback[…]

Best Class Rules for a Teacher

This morning I came across an article by Gavin McCormack, a principal at Farmhouse Montessori School, Hold Yourself Accountable. He decided to make some class rules, not for the children but for himself. Here’s what he pledged: 1. I will not judge you based on the past. Let’s scrap history. 2. I will never send Read more about Best Class Rules for a Teacher[…]

Helpful Tips For Kids With Anxiety or Restlessness

Last night one of my friends spoke about her granddaughter who struggles with falling asleep because she worries about a lot of things. I think there are a lot of children who struggle with calming, especially when families experience loss and/or illnesses. In my book, Mindful Games by Susan Kaiser Greenland, she writes about different Read more about Helpful Tips For Kids With Anxiety or Restlessness[…]

Add the Word “YET”

Like many others, I can be very good at putting myself down. We live in a world of criticism. Mind you, I like to be critical of myself when writing, speaking or planning something new. However, I think the self-criticism must be to improve, not to disapprove of yourself. Yesterday I listened to another of Read more about Add the Word “YET”[…]