Want to Be a Great Leader?

Lolly Daskal posted an interesting article on how to become a great leader. She states that we need to ask ourselves these questions weekly. 1. What did I learn from last week? 2. What was my greatest accomplishment last week? 3. What have I struggled with in the past that might affect the upcoming week? Read more about Want to Be a Great Leader?[…]

Education is Life

Gavin McCormack inspires me daily. He sends me emails daily and his passion for education is beautiful. I entirely agree with his post about education being about teaching empathy, love and compassion and the essential skills that help students make the world a better place for every living organism. McCormack believes it is not about Read more about Education is Life[…]

What Causes Creativity

Sharon Domine, M.S. Ed, posted the following about creativity which inspired me. I would definitely believe that these characteristics are crucial for becoming creative. 1. Confidence – the ability to question without fear. 2. Observation – seeing problems/ideas. 3. Humility – knowing you don’t know everything. 4. Mindfulness – thinking on how to think. 5. Read more about What Causes Creativity[…]

Truly Listen

One of the LinkedIn posts wrote about the importance of listening, especially for a leader. When you are a leader, in whatever capacity, business, education, parenting, counselling, you are a role model. How we listen to our people is an example of how true listening is practiced. You will never know the influence you have Read more about Truly Listen[…]

Impossible is Just a Big Word

I was delighted by a quote from Mohammad Ali, shared by Dr. Travis Bradberry on LinkedIn. Ali basically states that “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is Read more about Impossible is Just a Big Word[…]

The 4 Types of Learners In Every Classroom

Once again, I am impressed with Gavin McCormack’s email he sent me about the 4 types of learners in every classroom as follows: 1. The Isolated Learner They love to be left alone to get on with the task at hand. They need clear instructions and expectations with all the resources and options at hand Read more about The 4 Types of Learners In Every Classroom[…]

11 Things Children Need While Learning At Home

Gavin McCormack is always an inspiration and I feel fortunate to receive emails from him daily. He has such an amazing passion for children and teaching that he shares with his followers that is powerfully addictive. Today he shared an article on what children need while they are learning at home. They are as follows: Read more about 11 Things Children Need While Learning At Home[…]

11 Things We Need to be Aware of When Delivering Online Lessons

Gavin McCormack sent me the following about what we as educators need to be aware of when delivering online lessons: 1. Make sure that children know their ‘virtual timetable’ even have a morning roll call. Children need routine and so do you. Make sure. Mum and dad are also aware of the routine. 2. Make Read more about 11 Things We Need to be Aware of When Delivering Online Lessons[…]

10 Simple Ways to Develop Leadership Skills in Your Children

Lolly Daskal posted the following ways, in an article, to develop leadership skills in your children and I believe they are most important for anyone who has children or works with children as educators, coaches or in families. 1. Be the kind of leader you want them to become. 2. Allow them to pave their Read more about 10 Simple Ways to Develop Leadership Skills in Your Children[…]