Dr. Jody Carrington Advice

I am frequently inspired by Dr. Jody Carrington. The following advice rings home to me.

1. Education isn’t about literacy and numeracy. It’s about stories.
Most people love a great story about something that they’re trying to learn. We can all remember lessons better when we are inspired by a story that makes it real.

2. Be so nice that people think you’re drunk.
It always amazes me to find out how surprised people are when you treat them well and are actually genuinely happy to see them. Sometimes they think you’re weird. I get a kick out of such reactions. I always tell kids how wonderful it is to see them and 90% of the time they say that it’s nice to see me too.

3. Reconnect to my people, my breath, my why.
I truly love this reminder. I missed my people during our lockdowns! I have a new appreciation for them now. Reconnecting to my breath is something I try to do when feeling stressed or preparing for an event. Reconnecting regularly with my why is something I do to keep my passion with my goal and purpose.

4. We’re just walking each other home.
Isn’t this priceless? What’s more important than walking each other home during our journey?

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