The Power of Autonomy in our Schools

Gavin McCormack sent me a post about how extremely important it is to help children feel in charge of their educational destiny. He gives us 5 suggestions for implementing such autonomy in our classroom.

1. Choice – children need a choice of whom they want to work with, where they want to work, and how to present their research. These choices lead to the skills of independence.

2. Authenticity – children need to understand why they are taking a class, the benefits to their future.

3. Freedom – within limits! Children need to feel involved in decision making – what equipment they’ll need, how long to work on a project, and even though they’ll make mistakes, such freedom yields growth.

4. Integrity – be honest, promote honesty and the consequences of our actions. We believe that we try our best, help our neighbours and live honestly. La by example.

5. Power – give children power! Every lesson, every day is a chance to change the world.

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