It’s All About Relationship

Many times in my career I have taught educators to create a relationship with their students. I was impressed with an educator who posted how she went into teaching with some ideas and tools that have been useful. However, she stated how much she has discovered that relationship is most important for herself as an educator.

I am reminded about the saying that states, “They won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

This is so very important! I remember a teacher who humiliated me in front of the students and told me I would never amount to anything. The next year I had a teacher who told me I was brilliant and capable! She made me want to be an educator! What a difference a teacher can make in the lives of students! I learned more from this teacher than from anyone who didn’t believe in my abilities to learn.

It’s really all about relationships! Think of your best grade in school and then remember your relationship with your teacher and you will understand it’s not how much you know but how much you care about each student.

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