Strength Based Coaching

I have long believed that we, as leaders and coaches should focus on our protégés strengths rather than weaknesses. Years ago, someone gave me a book called Are You a Good Finder.

I have had many coaches or mentors in my life but the mentors I truly grew from were the ones who focused on my strengths. We all generally know our weaknesses. However, we don’t always recognize our strengths.

John Maxwell says that if you focus on someone’s weaknesses, you will only help them marginally. But if you help them develop a strength, they might become great.

This year, while working with some high school students, I had a student who literally begged me to find her weaknesses. She dared me to help her learn. I was fortunate enough to observe her talent in art and spoke to her about the creativity of her work. She became a different student. Suddenly she wanted my opinion on her work and wanted to display it and willingly conversed with me.

This has been my experience many times. When you find the strength of a person, they suddenly begin to blossom like never before.

So, be a strength finder and challenge your people to become stronger in their given talents and gifts.

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