What is a Genius?

This morning I listened to John Maxwell’s minute and he spoke of genius. He said it’s difficult for him to speak about genius when he has never felt like a genius.

Out of curiosity, I looked up genius in the dictionary and it described genius as being exceptionally creative and/or intelligent. I believe anyone who writes books and is seen as a great leader must have genius. And, John Maxwell is an amazing leader and author.

John said that he tries to be intentional rather than genius. I think each of us needs to be intentional, planning our goals and success and keeping in mind the purpose of the the journey.

My present exceptional work of art is my garden. Working with plants and highlighting their beauty is definitely a creative endeavour. Would I call myself exceptional? No, but it is something I engage in with passion, purpose and love.

What is your work of genius? Are you being creative in your work, your daily life? Maybe we all have a hint of genius in each of us.

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