Conflict Resolution

I’m doing some work with an elementary school staff on “Conflict Resolution “ and in preparation I’ve read up on this topic. There are many videos and sources of opinions on the internet. However, my thoughts and experiences are that when required to assist any person or persons who have a conflict, there are the following conditions for you to keep in mind:

1. Both parties have to want to resolve the conflict.

2. Set a time, convenient for all, in a comfortable space, with water, and preferably meditate before beginning so that all outside issues are left outside.

3. Observe, listen, and ask neutral, non-threatening questions, paraphrasing your understanding. Make certain both parties have a clear understanding of what the issues are about.

4. Get an intent from all parties to focus on new ideas.

5. When the energy is neutral and harmonious, make an agreement.

6. Set a time for review and tweak any agreement.

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