9 Ways Exercise Helps Us Psychologically

Terry Small posted the following suggestions about the psychological benefits of exercise: 1. Growth – continuous cognitive growth is a great aim in life which helps us when we exercise. 2. Mood – exercise helps us have a positive mood state regardless of our experiences. 3. Cognition – exercise has a positive impact on our Read more about 9 Ways Exercise Helps Us Psychologically[…]

What is True Friendship?

Today I had a long conversation with my daughter about true friendship. She had experienced a situation with someone who she thought was a good friend. They had made plans to go to her friend’s cottage. Unfortunately, my daughter had missed a detail about the timing of a meeting that was planned for the day Read more about What is True Friendship?[…]

Do You See Problems or Solutions?

I have long believed that whenever you are faced with a problem, there is a solution waiting for you to discover. It’s like the question, “Do you see your glass half empty or half full?” Although the solution is not generally abundantly clear, an open, creative mind keeps looking for it. Usually there is also Read more about Do You See Problems or Solutions?[…]

A Network Contributor

I personally love to network. In my years of my education career, networking has been my favourite part of learning, contributing, and growing. This morning I am inspired by Jon Gordon who posted the following about being a network contributor: Don’t be a networker looking to get. Instead look to give. 1. Give without keeping Read more about A Network Contributor[…]