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8 Simple Habits of Charming People

I often check out YouTube for inspiration. Today I was inspired by a video about charming people. Have you ever walked into a room and became drawn to someone? Likely it’s because the person has a charming personality. I’ve noticed that they have the following habits: 1. They choose their words carefully. They think before Read more about 8 Simple Habits of Charming People[…]

A Team With Love Works Well

I am often inspired by Jon Gordon’s posts on LinkedIn. Gordon quotes his book, Shark, “A team with a lot of love doesn’t need a lot of rules. Love makes people more accountable… Love creates trust, trust leads to commitment, and commitment leads to sacrifice. If you love your team, you will give your all Read more about A Team With Love Works Well[…]

10 Ways to Maintain Your Passion for Teaching

I love the challenges Sharon Domine posted on LinkedIn about maintaining our passion for teaching. 1. Be constantly curious. 2. Embrace change. 3. Have fun in your classroom. 4. Embrace the uniqueness of each student. 5. Have a growth mindset. 6. Learn from your students. 7. Be flexible and open-minded. 8. Believe that you are Read more about 10 Ways to Maintain Your Passion for Teaching[…]

Affirmations for a Positive Mind Set

I love ChopraMindfulness who inspires me regularly. She offers the following affirmations: 1. I give myself space to grow and learn. 2. I allow myself to be who I am without judgment. 3. I listen to my intuition and trust my inner guide. 4. I give myself care and attention that I deserve. 5. I Read more about Affirmations for a Positive Mind Set[…]

Teachers Must Learn From Children

Gavin McCormack posted thoughts about how much teachers can learn from their children. I truly hope these inspire you as much as they inspire me: 1. They never shy away from showing their emotions. It’s all on the table. 2. They’ll tell you how they feel without fear of judgment. 3. They will say statements Read more about Teachers Must Learn From Children[…]