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The Power of Persuasion

I was motivated by John Maxwell’s minute message about the power of persuasion. Maxwell says that leaders motivate, persuade people to move or change for their own advantage. A great leader will notice when people need to move in a different direction. However, not all people want to go in a different direction. They are Read more about The Power of Persuasion[…]

What Gets Recognized Gets Repeated

There was a great saying on my meditation site this week that stated, “Where your focus goes your energy flows.” I have done much study on the power of the mind. What has become very clear is that what we believe and perceive generally happens. There are any scientists who speak of the power of Read more about What Gets Recognized Gets Repeated[…]

The 11 Pillars of Servant Leadership

Terry Small posted the following pillars of servant leadership and they resonate with my beliefs of qualities of best educators: 1. Calling – you lead (educate) because of a belief that is larger than yourself. 2. Listening – you believe that the best way to understand and help others is to listen to them. 3. Read more about The 11 Pillars of Servant Leadership[…]