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Gratitude Heals

Sharon Domine posted a jar of “Gratitude” on LinkedIn which summarizes my thoughts entirely. It reads, “Take a dose every morning; may cause shifts in perspective; may cause feelings of abundance; decreased feelings of fear and anxiety.” Personally, I have experienced beautiful days of positive attitude whenever I repeat my gratitude mantra daily, twice a Read more about Gratitude Heals[…]

Language of Successful Managers

Once again, Sharon Domine posted an inspiration about leadership that I use personally. Great Managers/leaders say the following: 1. How can I help? 2. What do you think? 3. I trust you and our team. 4. I appreciate your commitment. 5. Thanks for working hard. 6. I was wrong, I’m sorry. 7. Your career path Read more about Language of Successful Managers[…]

Great Reasons for Reading Aloud

Who doesn’t love it when someone reads a story aloud to them? Sharon Domine shared some benefits of reading aloud with students. They are: – Expands vocabulary – Improves comprehension – Strengthens imagination – Fun & fellowship – Creates a life interest in reading – Increases attention span So, if you have the opportunity to Read more about Great Reasons for Reading Aloud[…]

Teams Work Better Than Doing it Alone

I have always been drawn to the idea of teamwork. This morning I am inspired by John Maxwell so says, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” One person is too small to achieve greatness. It’s much easier to add value to anything you do by doing it together. Having other people on our team helps us Read more about Teams Work Better Than Doing it Alone[…]

Perfection is Impossible

Sara Westbrook emailed some thoughts about perfection which inspired me to reflect on my own imperfections. As much as I agree that nobody is perfect, I still struggle with my imperfections. I believe that mistakes are human and opportunities for learning. However, our society frowns on mistakes and we often succumb to our previous experiences Read more about Perfection is Impossible[…]

8 Simple Habits of Charming People

I often check out YouTube for inspiration. Today I was inspired by a video about charming people. Have you ever walked into a room and became drawn to someone? Likely it’s because the person has a charming personality. I’ve noticed that they have the following habits: 1. They choose their words carefully. They think before Read more about 8 Simple Habits of Charming People[…]