The 11 Pillars of Servant Leadership

Terry Small posted the following pillars of servant leadership and they resonate with my beliefs of qualities of best educators:

1. Calling – you lead (educate) because of a belief that is larger than yourself.
2. Listening – you believe that the best way to understand and help others is to listen to them.
3. Empathy – you believe that everyone has their own perspective and you try to see the world through their eyes.
4. Healing – you recognize that as a leader you have the ability to change the narrative of their story.
5. Awareness – you recognize the need to be aware of yourself and your surroundings, and challenge what doesn’t feel right.
6. Persuasion – your role is not to direct others, but to encourage them to move in a direction that is best for them.
7. Foresight – you have the ability to predict and understand the impact of their actions, and help navigate a better course.
8. Conceptualization – you are able to share the vision and articulate the outcomes so that your team can determine how to get there.
9. Stewardship – your accountability and commitment to lead and extends far beyond your people and your company to community and planet.
10. Growth – you’re single greatest success and accomplishment as a servant leader is to grow and develop your people.
11. Community – Your workplace culture is a place where all are welcome and all matter.

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