What Gets Recognized Gets Repeated

There was a great saying on my meditation site this week that stated, “Where your focus goes your energy flows.”

I have done much study on the power of the mind. What has become very clear is that what we believe and perceive generally happens. There are any scientists who speak of the power of thought. I have to agree that much of what we expect will happen.

When educators tell their students how successful they can be, it’s often amazing how they inspire them to succeed. Gordon Tredgold posted this challenge on Lincoln about what we recognize gets repeated.

Tredgold said that if you want to create a culture of continuous improvement, then we need to start by creating recognition. This has been a discussion in educational environments for years. Do we recognize positive behaviour or is that too extrinsic? I’ve personally found that some students don’t like public recognition. So, it’s a positive reminder for some and a reminder for other students.

However, for success in order for repeat behaviour to be recognized, be sure that it’s public, authentic, immediate, specific and enthusiastic! Students can sense false praise a mile away! So, if you want students to appreciate positive feedback, be genuine! This is true for leaders as well as educators. Your employees know when feedback is false and manipulative.

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