Be a Thinker

I loved David Geurin’s post on Twitter about what education truly is. He states that “Education is about developing an identity as a learner. The goal isn’t to complete an assignment. It’s to be a questioner. The goal isn’t to read a book. It’s to be a reader.” It’s so true! We must teach our Read more about Be a Thinker[…]

How Birdsong Can Change Your Classroom Forever

I received another fascinating email from Gavin McCormack about the usefulness of Birdsong. I personally love background music while I’m working. Apparently, when birds are quiet it means there’s danger around and they are trying to keep a low profile or fly away. McCormack says, “Deep in our DNA from thousands of years ago, lies Read more about How Birdsong Can Change Your Classroom Forever[…]

Each Child is Unique for a Reason

Gavin McCormack sent me an email about children who are unique. He says children are already perfect specimens. Yes, they’ll make mistakes, mess things up, but if we work as a community, the mistakes will be lessons that guide us all to success. McCormack likens children to clouds in the sky. Did you ever see Read more about Each Child is Unique for a Reason[…]

5 Ways to Implement Change in the Classroom

Gavin McCormack sent me another important message about best practices in the classroom. I think these 5 things would work as well in businesses. 1. Choice – in order for people to feel like they are in charge of their learning and work, people need choices. People learn differently, so they must have choices for Read more about 5 Ways to Implement Change in the Classroom[…]

Teach the Whole Child

In our busy pandemic year of teaching the students, many educators get stuck on teaching the curriculum. However, we have a responsibility to teach our students’ mind, body, heart and soul. As a guidance Counsellor, I personally have heard about the students’ needs. And they all four parts met at school. I have many lessons Read more about Teach the Whole Child[…]

What is the emotional cup?

I received a brilliant email from Gavin McCormack which talks about a child’s emotional cup. He states that when a child’s emotional cup is approaching empty, we may see some of the following behaviours: – attention seeking behaviour to alert us that they need a refill. – think they have to fight flight to get Read more about What is the emotional cup?[…]

We Model the Behavior We Want in Our Students

I loved an email I received from Gavin McCormack about the importance of modelling the behaviour we want to see in our students. He told the story of challenging a student to draw a lion. She responded by saying that she couldn’t draw a lion. He said, “Why don’t we try to draw a lion.” Read more about We Model the Behavior We Want in Our Students[…]

5 Reflective Questions to Encourage a Growth Mindset

We must encourage our students to persist in the face of difficulties. We can respond to someone’s mistake by saying, “Oh, that’s my favourite mistake.” Thomas Edison failed over and over again in trying to invent the light bulb. Edison said, “I didn’t fail 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with a 1000 Read more about 5 Reflective Questions to Encourage a Growth Mindset[…]