5 Ways to Implement Change in the Classroom

Gavin McCormack sent me another important message about best practices in the classroom. I think these 5 things would work as well in businesses.

1. Choice – in order for people to feel like they are in charge of their learning and work, people need choices. People learn differently, so they must have choices for how they work, study, do research and where they work.

2. Authenticity – people need to know why they are doing and learning something. As leaders we need to be authentic and clear about the purpose and the benefits to what we are doing and learning.

3. Freedom – Everyone needs freedom within limits. People need to feel involved in decisions, what equipment they can use, And how long they can work on a project.

4. Integrity – Be honest, promote honesty, and always talk about the consequences of actions. Talk about what happens when we don’t try our best, help our neighbor or tell mistruths. And the leader leads by example.

5. Give Them Power – People love to feel like they have power. You will help them work intrinsically.

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