Growth Mindset – Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck’s research on ‘Growth Mindset vs Fixed Minset’ is compelling and absolutely a must for us to learn! This research empowers learners, employees, educators, parents and anyone who is interested in success! Check the following video interview from YouTube where Dweck explains the difference between the two mindsets.

Creating Classroom Principles

We all know that students of all ages have principles, ways they want to be remembered. I’ve worked with students of all types and ages as a Guidance Counsellor. Every student wanted to do well as a student and friend and classmate. We also know that adults generally are very quick to tell students what Read more about Creating Classroom Principles[…]

Roadblocks to Celebrating Differences

Although there are many, three of the largest roadblocks to synergy are ignorance, cliques, and prejudice. Here they are … Ignorance – means you’re clueless. You don’t know what other people believe, how they feel, or what they’ve been through. A lot of people don’t understand disabilities, visible or invisible challenges. These people don’t seek Read more about Roadblocks to Celebrating Differences[…]