You Are What You Think

Strati Georgopoulos posted an article on LinkedIn about “You are what you think.” This is so very true. One of my heroes is Wayne Dyer. He has written and spoken a lot about the idea that we better pay attention to what we are thinking because whatever we focus on becomes who you are. Georgopoulos states that it’s easy to spot a yellow car when you are always thinking of a yellow car. I especially understand this because ever since we have been buying Toyota cars, I’m always on the lookout for another Toyota cars.
It’s easy to spot opportunity when you are always thinking of opportunity. And, I’m noticing that when I look on social media for opportunity, I actually find other people also looking for opportunities. As well, there are many suggestions for inspiration for opportunities when you are looking for that.
It’s easy to spot reasons to be mad when you are always thinking of being mad. I’m an optimist and try to steer away from being mad at anyone. I’m quite clear about my opinions and rather than hold grudges, I speak my mind in as kind and firm a way as is respectful.
You become what you constantly think about. Watch yourself and be aware of your thoughts!

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