What Do You Do For Fun?

This morning I was asked “What do you do for fun?” Funny question that, and the interesting thing is that I quickly came up with answers. I love gardening, reading, learning, going for long walks, shopping with the right family or friends and educating whoever will be willing to listen to my teachings.
Yes, I do love teaching, young and older. I believe I was born to be a teacher and I adore young children! Having been a mentor to 7 women this past 5 years, I am feeling incredibly grateful to have been given that opportunity. Not only did I enjoy the mentoring, the consulting, and the co-teaching, I learned from each of my women!
I am most grateful for the five schools, not only the administrators but also the educators who invited me into their classrooms and allowed me to co-teach with them.
I am definitely the luckiest woman alive!

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