What is a Story In a Nutshell?

I am reading this fabulous book Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller. He states that we must clarify our message so our customers will listen. He describes seven elements of great storytelling to grow your business. I love the analogy he gives between story telling in a movie and story telling in your business. He says everyone has a fascinating story but often the story is not very clear. He states the following 7 elements have to be in every great story:
1. A CHARACTER wants something.
2. A PROBLEM arises before they can get what they want.
3. A GUIDE steps into their lives.
4. A PLAN is presented by the GUIDE.
6. FAILURE is avoided due to the ACTION.
Miller says that potential customers must be able to answer 3 questions within 5 seconds when looking at your website:
1. What do you offer?
2. How will it make my life better?
3. What do I need to do to buy it?
I have realized since reading these first 3 chapters that my website needs more clarity to answer these questions. And it is my goal to try to make my message more clearly.

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