Energizers Help Students Be Mindful

Today, in our Mentor Meeting, we had great discussions about how to help our students be mindful, be proactive and become aware of their emotions, bodies, and spiritual selves. Everyone in the education field is noticing that students in our schools are struggling and need to learn about problem solving, mindfulness, social & emotional needs, and generally need strategies to deal with such issues as stress and anxiety. I have shared a lot of Mindfulness teachables on this website and there are many more. Today, we talked about how helpful “Energizers” are for not only movement breaks but also to help students get to know each other, learning social skills and talk and connect to others whom they do not normally connect with. For example, all kids and adults I’ve worked with love the “Human Knot” whether it is in education or in businesses. We tend to connect with the same colleagues and classmates every day, but to have an opportunity to connect with others makes our day more interesting. We all have so much to share with others. We all have our own stories that others can learn from. Whenever I teach or lead a group, I find ways to get them to move and meet others in the class or group. If you would like to have some ideas for “Energizers” please contact me at ruth@summiteducation.ca or call or text me at 204-782-0103.

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