Uncertainty is Normal

There is a great deal of uncertainty and stress during this COVID-19 crisis. And, many of us are wondering what the new normal will be. Being an educator, I feel for the educators, parents and students during this time.
However, we all know that this will pass and that schools will eventually resume their classes.
Jennifer Katz, on Twitter, posted an important message to educators, saying that we must not worry about the students losing so much learning. She said that she lost a year in her 7th grade and still has her PHD.
I lost my first grade when I was going to school when I got Rhumatic Fever, having to be in a hospital for 6 months. I am proud to say that I am an educator and own my own business, coaching, facilitating workshops and teaching teachers.
Losing a year of school, being teased about being a failure, and learning how to cope with difficulties just made me a stronger person, with determination to prove that I am capable and strong. When difficulties don’t take you down, they make you stronger. I was fortunate to have a few teachers and parents who believed in me and gave me the encouragement I needed to stick to it.
I believe our students will have a new appreciation for school and learning and possibly for the teachers.
There is no certainty in this world. We just assumed a lot of certainty that clearly wasn’t real. This too shall pass. And, what have we learned from this? I hope a little humanity, respect for education, and a greater bonding of family.

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