It’s All About Relationship

Gavin McCormack posted an article on LinkedIn about the importance of relationship between the teachers and their students. This is something I have been teaching teachers for years.

When you show that you genuinely care about each student, that you are sincerely happy to see them each day, and that you truly are thrilled about any success they have in their school learning journey, you can be sure that these students will not only excel, but definitely remember you as their teacher for life.

It is most important that teachers model how they respond to making mistakes. If we show the students that making mistakes is a necessary part of learning by admitting our mistakes and working through them to fix them and learn from them, then they will be willing to risk making mistakes. Teachers must realize that part of having a relationship with students is how you model the person who is a genuine learner, who makes mistakes and works hard to fix them.

It is all about relationship, relationship, relationship!

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