Be Non-Judgemental

Bob Archer posted a challenge to be non-judgemental today. He wrote that it would be most satisfying just to accept that person who cut us off. It just is. And, that person who was late for a meeting, just accept that he/she was late. It’s not our job to judge what made that person late today.

Personally, I’ve made it my challenge for years to be non-judgemental. Sometimes I do really well, and sometimes I screw up. However, when I screw up, I am aware that I have suddenly not been the person I want to be. Then I can switch my mind to saying, “This is not my job to judge. I do not know the path that person has gone on today or in her/his life. Have empathy. Nobody tries to fail.”

This kind of self-talk is most helpful in getting back to being the kind of person who does not judge others.

I challenge you to try a day of being non-judgemental to the events that happen around you. It’s most refreshing.

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