The Role of The Teacher

Our job as teachers has changed. The fact based curriculum is dead. Facts come easy. I mean just ask Siri or look on google.
Our job is now to inspire. To inspire new perspectives, to uncover your unknown and open the gateway to a world of discovery.
Show the class that now everything is as it seems. Not every article is true, not every picture is clear. Allow your class to understand that there is much more to find out.
Show them examples of misconceptions, new discoveries and unexplained mysteries. Your job is to empower them to want to find more.
For example, “Did you know that an owl’s legs were actually quite long?” I thought not. What other animal facts are you yet to discover?
Let’s use the library, the computer and our friends to discover more facts.
Thirsty minds are the first steps to instilling a research based, child lead pedagogy, where children are naturally inspired by the unknown. Try it.
These ideas are what the Montessori teachers use as their model to inspire students. Questions are so very important to empower students’ minds and intrinsic motivation.
If you want to enjoy yourself as a teacher this year, ask more questions and learn with the students.

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