10 Statements Children Would Love to Express to Adults

Gavin McCormack posted the following 10 statements that children would love to express to adults if they could:
1. Show me how to do it please, show me how to behave, how to be fair and how to be a good person. I learn by seeing it first hand, I’ll copy you.
2. Please show you how much you love me with time. Spend your time with me. Kiss me, hold my hand, hug me. They make me feel safe.
3. Be my safety net please. Please have my back, look out for me, be there when I need you and listen to me no matter how much I babble.
4. Talk to me like an adult. Ask me questions, listen to my responses and respond. I know I’m small but I’m quite smart. Don’t just talk at me.
5. Listen to me actively. Don’t look at your phone whilst we talk, look me in the eyes and let me know that my words matter to you.
6. Love me for who I am. Don’t compare my behavior or grades to other children. I’m me. I’m trying my best so please just accept me.
7. Let me go outside, get dirty in the mud, breath fresh air and jump in puddles. All I want is experiences. It helps my brain map emotions.
8. Let me help you around the house. I love pretending to be you. I love using the vacuum and the sweeping brush. It’s really fun for me.
9. Trust me, it means a lot.
10. Let me make mistakes. It’s how I learn.

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