Dare To Do Something You Want To Do

J. C. Maxwell challenges us to be more “Daring.” Have you ever met someone who is daring, has courage, takes risks?
We admire a daring person because sometimes their actions are like what we would like to do. Sometimes when they take great risks, we admire them. And, the only thing that you can ask yourself is “What is it that you could do today that you haven’t dared to do yet?”
I love this challenge and many thoughts come to mind, but one of the daring challenges I have is to finish my book. I have been procrastinating on this for a long time, partly because I have been criticized by a successful author that my book has no possibilities of ever being published.
However, I have also been told that he is only one man who hasn’t walked a mile in my shoes.
I will dare myself to get back to my book today and start the editing and continue the writing! What do you DARE yourself to do today?

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