The Power of Observation

As an educator, I like to sit in the back of the classroom or wander among the students and just observe the students. Often I learn a lot just by watching the students’ body language, interactions with each other, facial expressions, and how much they may be struggling or excelling in their work.
Observation is a powerful habit to help you learn about each student, no matter what age. Students actually love being watched. They sometimes ask you questions that they would not have asked if you had just sat at the front of the classroom or if you were continuing to give instructions.
Questions are powerful messages telling the student that you believe they can solve problems. It empowers students because it says, “I believe in you. You are capable and talented.”
Questions cause students to look inside and find the answers from within. Just like observation, questions tell the student that he/she matters to you. I strongly suggest that the power of observation for any leader/educator is well worth the practice.

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