7 Valuable Skills That Top Leaders Have Mastered

Lolly Daskal posted the following skills and traits that high achievers and great leaders have cultivated and built over the years.

1. A Well-Developed Personal Philosophy
A clear philosophy allows you to set up your expectations and articulate your definition of success so you can set clear goals.

2. Undeniable Persistence
Failure isn’t an option, you don’t give up. Persistence means picking yourself up every day without letting anything get in your way.

3. Meaningful Purpose
You know your WHY, why you’re doing what you do and why you’re here and what legacy you want to leave and where to spend your energy.

4. The Power of Passion
Passion gives you the energy to propel yourself toward every possibility.

5. Honoured Principles
Successful people honor their principles which are deeply rooted beliefs that help you make decisions and chart your course.

6. Excellent Performance
Successful leader4s boring the highest level of excellence and quality to everything they do and keep raising their level of aspiration and expectation.

7. The Art of Persuasion
Mastering communication and understanding human nature are essential if you want to effectively influence and persuade people.

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