Remain Humble

This morning I appreciated John Maxwell’s Minute With Maxwell where he spoke of the importance of us having humility. I agree with Maxwell that humility is not only important for us to have when we have success but also when we have failure.
When we have success, having humility helps us keep grounded. It helps us keep our feet on the ground so we realize that we may have had success but we are still very human.
When we have failure, which we all experience from time to time, we must also feel grounded and remain strong and humble so that we can rise from the failure and be strong in our belief that we can overcome that failure and rise up again.
Just as it is human nature to fail and make mistakes, it is important to remain steadfast and strong and humble and learn from those mistakes for they are meant to teach us something.
So, it is my goal to always remain humble in my successes and failures.

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