Why Become an Educator

I am often inspired by Gavin McCormack’s blogs and today was most inspiring as well. He wrote about why he became an educator.
This post inspired me to think why I became an educator and why I am still loving to be an educator.
Upon reflection, my reasons are very similar to McCormack’s. I remember the very first time I had the feeling and thoughts that I’d like to educate. It was triggered by my favorite teacher, Ms. Reiner when I was in the 4th grade. She had a way of helping me believe in my ability to do well in school.
I’ve had many other teachers who made me feel as though I was stupid. One teacher actually told me I’d never amount to anything because I did not have the ability to learn. She often mocked me in front of the other students. So my mother told her that her children will never be taught by someone as abusive as she was.
That’s one of the many reasons I have always been proud of my mother. That next year I had Ms. Reiner again and she, once more, gave me such a pride and self-worth in my ability to learn. This is when my passion to educate was triggered once more. I wanted to be the kind of teacher that she was, to inspire students, empower them, help them to intrinsically love to learn.
I also learned that any student who has an educator who believes in them can move mountains, climb the highest mountain and love learning. Yes, educators have to work hard and keep learning themselves and then they will inspire young learners to believe in themselves. I guess that’s why I’m still passionate about being an educator and a learner myself.

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