Start With the WHY Mindset

I am in awe of what Wayne Dyer wrote and spoke about in one of the webinars I was fortunate to listen to and watch. He said that whatever you need will come to you exactly at the right time that you need it. He wrote many such wise sayings that have benefited me over the years. And, this morning I plan to create an outline of a 2 – 3 day workshop I have been requested to give to a group of K – 12 educators. As I was browsing LinkedIn, I found Johan Formgren’s outline of, “Start With the WHY Mindset” as follows:
WHY: Company mission, Companuy mission, Purpose – The big goal of something that needs to change in the world.
HOW: Internal things (since we are a strategy tool). Organization strategy, HOW we look at leadership, what we expect of people working at our company, etc. CULTURE.
WHAT: Three year company plan, company-wide long term GOALS, important metrics.

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