Mindfulness and Restitution

Many educators, who have taken Restitution training ask me how Mindful Leadership relates to Restitution. I am very quick to first of all, find out why they are curious about this. Then I discover that they truly love the tools of Restitution and they also are very aware how important it is to teach our society about mindfulness. Most families and educational institutions experience stress and anxiety as the school year progresses. Having taught mindfulness to students in several schools, I have personally witnessed the peace and relaxation these lessons bring to not only the students but also to the staff. We have far to many children and youth suffering from mental illness in Canada. Mindfulness and the tools of Restitution can not only relax our society but also empower us to feel like we do have control over our choices of who we want to be. Contact me if you want to learn more about these concepts.

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