The Neuroscience of Learning

I read a fascinating article posted on LinkedIn yesterday by Simon Sinek on the neuroscience of learning. The article susinctly clarified the following definitions related to learning:
1. Potential is the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. It is the unrealized ability of a learner.
2. Mindset definition based on Carol Dweck’s research:
Fixed mindset which indicates that we were born good or not, we cannot change.
The Growth Mindset mentality is about realizing the effort helps, it is about any attempt to learn something new results in change and growth of the mind. Our mind is like an elastic band, it can get bigger if stretched with imagination and hard work. We can create a culture of continual growth in which improvement matters.
3. Performance evaluations improve when compared to improving our selves to how much we have grown.
4. YET – I’m not good enough YET but I’m going to get better and better!
What do you want to learn YET?

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