Parenting With Purpose

John C. Maxwell has a series of 5 teachings on “Parenting With Purpose” on Youtube. They are the following:
1. Attitude – it is the difference maker in life. We must learn to have a positive attitude during negative times. It is especially important to have a positive attitude, a tenacious attitude when life brings its challenges.
2. Responsibility – we must take responsibility for our actions! Covey says one of the most important habits is to be proactive!
3. Relationships – it’s really all about “Relationships.” We all need to learn how to be in healthy relationships, not only with others but especially with ourselves!
4. Self-Image – if I see myself as a 5 out of 10, then I’ll see myself as the friends I hang around with. But everything about my behavior is based on how I see myself. The sooner you can help your children experience “Wins” the sooner they will think of themselves as 10s.
5. Faith – Maxwell talks about our relationship with God. However, we all need to learn how we relate to our values, beliefs, and spirituality with our universe. We are one with nature. Are we respectful to the universe? Our role model is what we teach our children.

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