Make Today a Day of Discovery

What is “Discovery?” According to J.C. Maxwell, it is learning, finding out what you don’t know. I try to learn something new every day! Today, in my meditation with Deepak and Oprah, the challenge was to be aware of the Ah-hah moments each day. Oprah shared about her wonder at the ascent of an airplane, especially when it cuts through the clouds and the sun appears bright and beautiful! It reminds her that the sun is always shining even when it may be cloudy where you are! I felt the same ah-hah this morning as the challenge was to contemplate what you experience when you are alone with nature, say, in a forest. My heartfelt gratitude w,and discovery was the most peaceful admiration for the simplicity yet complex beauty of each leaf, sound, symmetry of how nature embraces life! Thanks to the magic of nature! Nature in itself can bring new discoveries each time you take time to learn!

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