Love With Gratitude

I am following Oprah and Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation and the theme is Gratitude and Grace. What an amazingly powerful message. Oprah says, “My love transcends fear, rejection…My true essence is divine love. Grace is Divine Love.” You can choose to give a little or a lot of love. It’s your choice. Some people hold back on giving love for fear of rejection. Love is active when expressed. Unfortunately some people don’t know the word for LOVE. A mother’s love is emerging, unconditional LOVE. It brings a sense of completion. Grace unites us all. Love is the truest sign of GRACE. LOVE is one feeling that when you give it to another person, you almost always get it back in return. John Maxwell says, that a truly great leader LOVES his/her people. “A true leader does not desire to lead but to Serve.” Myles Munroe.

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